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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by pajerito123, May 12, 2020.

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    I have been reading some debate here about masturbating without porn and it seems that while most people think that it is bad, they really dont have concrete arguments or evidence.

    My intention is not to convince you of masturbating, i know and i have been myself struggling over the years to quit this adiction but i cant help wonder the inevitable problem that arise with this way of breaking the adiction, the no PMO method.

    The problem is that every time we relapse in our journey, we do it with porn. I have been trying to "rewire" my brain for about 2 years now. My longest streak is about 3 months. I cant help wonder if from day 1 my goal would be just to focus on no porn instead of no PMO, maybe today i would be 500+ days without porn and be in a better place regarding my porn adiction. My brain would be rewire in a positive way and far better than it is right now. Maybe i am choosing a method that it is so hard and extremist that i cant help my self to relapse every 2-3 weeks.

    Just my humble opinion, i am not the carrier of the truth, just trying to help my self amd want to hear some opinions.
    Sorry for my english it isint my primary languange.
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    I think the 'rules' are different for everyone. If you have been masturbating only with porn for as long as you can remember and cannot imagine masturbating without fantasizing or imagining (or without viewing or reading erotic material), then I would say it is best to cut out masturbation as well, and IF you feel the urge and are not in a relationship, you could experiment with bringing it back but ONLY by focusing on the sensations (without fantasies or other external stimulation). Then you retrain your brain to make it a healthy habit instead of connected to the original superstimulus.
    Goal is to break that overconditioned connection/association between P, M and O. In the beginning, these are all going to linked very strongly, and each of them individually can lead to relapse. That's why many choose hard mode.
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    smart post... it's the sensation that counts most ppl lose site of it and go to P even when there not in the mood but just because the thought popped up.. or just want to O when it's the complete experience that counts... I'm at the point where I get upset when I O because it's over.. I even find orgasm on my part selfish because but I think that's my ego talking I'm a ppl pleaser.. I hope you have/find someone who cares about you as much as they care for themselves.. if not slightly more if you deserve it.
    God bless
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