I have an issue regarding the numbness of my mind

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Kingofanew_world, Mar 16, 2021.

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    I hope you guys are doing well!!
    I have experienced immense numbness of my mind when i am in my 3rd to 4th day of my rebooting period. This leads me to depression and relapse. I really want to understand this phase of rebooting. So please!, if anyone has experienced similar things please comment on it. If you have any strategies that has helped you overcome it please do mention!!
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    Hang on to nofap and try to increase the day counter. How longer your follow this way of life, how less numbness will appear in your mind. To stay strong you need to practice some habits everyday to keep your mind busy. This helps for the first week enormous when the urge are the highest. Some examples you could do; go outside, clean your room, read a book, get some shit done that you wanted to get done for months, visit a friend, try a new hobby, make up your mind, write down you thoughts, organise your day routine, make a day routine and stick to it.. etc.. etc.. etc. More habits can be found on this forum or on google.
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    My advice would be not to just quit focus on a habit but also focus your energy on a goal. If you just quit then you can only think about the habit left, but if you focus on something good. It will be much easier
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