I have an Off Topic Question, Why Are There Soo Many Guests Browsing This Forum Than Members?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Arbiter007, Apr 15, 2020.

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    My question is in the title.

    Why are there soo many guests browsing this forum rather than members?

    It kinda of makes me wish they would just join and become part of the community. Is this because there is a high influx of people surfing who aren't sure? Are they possibly people who haven't logged on yet and are just checking things out?

    It doesn't make sense to me. Any insight into this would be nice. I guess I am just very curious about things that maybe other people don't notice.
  2. Most of us have noticed it. Just pointing out.
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  3. Guess it's just the nature of the Internet. Far more people read than actively participate on most websites. Consider how many people watch YouTube videos versus actively commenting on them.

    If you're a guest reading this, CONSIDER JOINING! We would love to have you and take your privacy very seriously. Porn addictive thrives in isolation - combat that by joining a shame-free community of peers who accept you for who you are!
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    This begs the question then, what can we do as members to bring them into the fold?
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  5. Our power lies in what we post, how we word it, and the support we provide to newcomers and all that stuff.

    Start with these and I am sure it'll all be useful in getting the job done.
  6. That's a good question. As an admin, I can be annoying and force people to join to read more than a certain number of pages. But I don't want to do that. I don't want people to only join because they are forced to in order to read content.

    Perhaps there could be a thread all about encouraging new people to join. Different members can list out reasons as to why people should join instead of just lurk - and encourage them to do so.
  7. Arbiter007

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    I understand that whole thing with forcing. It is easy to get sucked into thinking you have to make things happen.

    I like that idea. Is there a way to make it stand out so these ones struggling can feel safe? If it gets buried in the Off Topic section that won't do much good, you know. Is it possible that these masses also include a number of much younger users and that is why they are afraid to join?

    I know as a teenager and younger I dealt with numerous irrational fears. But back then a forum like this didn't exist. Nor would I have known if I would have searched out for such a site knowing what I was taught in school about PMO, where "as long as you don't feel guilty it's okay."
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    One idea that just came to mind.

    Show a thread that only guests can see and post in. Where admins and moderators can also see and interact with the guests. Maybe also make there less access to read some of the journal threads without becoming a member first, as an incentive to join. Not sure the feasibility of all of this. Just throwing out ideas.

    The hiding of certain threads might also be beneficial not just in keeping conversations personal to members, but also from maybe keep out prying eyes that are involved with the enemies of this site. Of course, they can just register at that point. But at least it doesn't make it quite as easy. However, if stuff is more visible, then guests from all over could see the enemies at work more clearly. But I guess that is the job of all of us to report and have moderators / admins help.

    I don't think robots could be used though with google search for example to as easily find stuff if only members can access it.
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  9. you have to believe you have a problem to accept the “solution for it”.

    When I started in nofap 1 year ago I didn’t think I had a problem. Within a month I realized I was both a sex addict and porn addict and on my way to recovery from what was easily 25 year addiction.

    i didn’t think it was even possible to quit after trying everything I could. I figured I was lost as a Christian and a person. The community loved me the way the church was supposed to and I advocate nofap to Everyone now as a result.

    i also believe very few of nofap users are sex addicts; so I made a thread to invite the sex addicts like me to share with like minded warriors. I think the results speak for themselves.

    yeah i encourage guests to join even if it’s just to disagree. The waters warm. Come on in.
  10. Arbiter007

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    Wow, thank you bro for opening up and being super honest! And for bringing about a thread to invite sex addicts also.

    That is not easy to break such a long addiction. I know because mine was 13 years before I accepted the Lord into my life and decided that PMO was wrong and that I needed a wife instead. And yes, it is true that the church has failed significantly in this area of being a family raising up a child with regards to supporting an addict in a powerful way. Even getting accountability partners in Celebrate Recovery (CR) was not an easy task because people are prone to not want to actually check in on each other (i.e. get lazy). I was guilty of this also, so I can't just blame everyone else for not partnering very well.

    NoFap does also have the benefit of confidentiality while being able to confess to others what has happened. Because I know first hand what it's like by being naive and letting too many people know my struggle in church. Hurting people hurt people, even if you are in church. Church can be like a hospital, so therefore it has a number of hurting people.
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