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I HAVE BEATEN HOCD, but now I have a different issue regarding death grip

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by iwontfail67, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. iwontfail67

    iwontfail67 Fapstronaut

    So yes, I have beaten HOCD. Porn escalation. All that shit. However regular porn and death grip is the final hurdle, and if I can beat HOCD, I can beat this too.

    I have an issue with my penis that is really messing with my head, and I'm not even sure if it is a huge deal or not. I've death gripped quite alot in the last 15 years of porn addiction. My issue is with my frenulum or banjo strap. This strap that holds the foreskin and penis gland together.

    Mine just looks thick. It's really red, and feels really numb. I was wondering if anyone has experienced healing on that particular part of the penis. It's been a while since I've gone on a PMO streak of longer than a week, so I am going to abstain from masturbation for at least 30 days (porn forever, I understand the neural connection I've made with porn, and understand that the less positive reinforcement I give it, the quicker it goes away), and hopefully my penis will go back to looking much healthier.

    I am also considering ordering those penis creams like Man1 Man oil. Has anyone used it? Is it a scam or is it legit? I currently use Vitamin E cream at nights, and have ordered some coconut oil. I've also heard topic Vitamin C cream is a thing, but yet to look into it.

    Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please don't give me the "NEVER MASTURBATE EVER" line. I believe gentle and realistic MO that occurs from a natural urge in the body is the key to healing death grip and relearning a more normal sense of stimulation, and also while unlearning the link between masturbation and visual pornography.


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