I have developed a fear of naked women

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  1. Seeing a naked woman that i wont fuck, it will haunt my mind and probably lead to a wet dream. Im paranoid about this shit.

    I just cannot shut my sexuality down. I also dont go to the beach cause of this. last time i did was two years ago and there were women there sunbathing nude.

    Its their right to do so which is why i choose to stay away from areas where there is the potential threat of nudity. This shit scares me a lot cause its hard to get over for some reason.
  2. What kinds of past experiences have caused you to be frightened by nudity?
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    It shouldn't be too hard to avoid this. Finding naked women requires you to look. Live in functional society and I guaranty you won't see naked women.

    Once you cure yourself of PMO addiction find a nice girl you are comfortable being naked with. Maybe she'll become your wife and you'll live happily ever after.
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  4. the fact that 90% of the time i saw a naked chick i had a wet dream or relapsed
  5. true, its very unlikely really but im just too pranoid in general

    lo at this. PMO addcition will never be cured without getting laid. im 8 months in and the progresss is there but sometimes it feels like the first week. im destined to suffer i guess.
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    That makes me curious. What progress have you made? What makes it feel like it's just like the first week? Why do you think getting laid will cure you?
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  7. i think very clearly, concetrate beter, water retention, dream body, lots of endurance, control, relaxed state of mind, 0 stress

    porn is still very vivid in my mind

    because pmo and wet dreams stem from lack of confidence in getting laid. if i got laid that confidence would come and i would be free
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    Wet dreams happens from a build up of semen that needs to be released. Confidence is irrelevant. Also, you shouldn't base your self worth on women and your ability to get laid. Be you, learn to love yourself. Your self confidence should come from within, not from other people.
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  10. correct but confidence helps you with controlling this semen. your body wont waste it if it knows it can put it in a woman

    BS. Confident men are confidnet cause they get laid not the other way around. notice how all guys who suceed in semen retention alreayd have women to support them
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    If you read the link I posted it's clear that isn't true. Wet dreams can happen to anyone.

    Do you honestly think every confident man to ever live was drowning in pussy? Simply untrue. Look at Sir Isaac Newton. He was very confident in his science. He also died a virgin.

    You also have gone 8 months without masturbation. That is 8 months of semen retention. That seems pretty successful to me.

    If you are feeling insecure now than you may still be insecure if you get a girlfriend. I've seen it before. A guy won't get lots of girls then he gets in a relationship. He gets jealous and needy. It's because he wasn't confident in himself before hand. How do you know that won't be you?

    Self confidence and self worth should always come from within. Love yourself and it doesn't matter if you don't get laid. Loving yourself involves really looking inside and seeing who you are. All your thoughts, all your insecurities, all your fears. Accept them. Accept yourself. This acceptance will lead to love. Submit to the way things are. Let your heart be at peace. I'm also a virgin. Never lost a second of sleep because of it. Because it truly doesn't bother me.

    I strongly suggest you follow this advice. If you insist you need to get laid to be happy then do something about it. Get tinder maybe. Or study "the game". There are lots of resources you can find on this. Look up pick up artist techniques on YouTube. But I'll tell you this. Almost every one will tell you to be confident.
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  12. not rly. seuxally succesful men dont have this shit cause they dont have ungratified needs

    he wasnt a confident man. not even a man rly. just an asexual nerd.

    semen retention means no wet dreams and i had plenty

    because im a 24 yo virgin. its over for me. men either get laid in HS or never
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    By that logic then nobody is going to succeed in semen retention. Either it comes out in your sleep or it comes out in a woman.

    He was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived.

    My brother was a 24 year old virgin. Then now he has a girlfriend and gets laid regularly. You seem self defeating, I feel bad for you. I would keep saying you need to become confident within but I feel like I'd become a broken record. Hope you find your confidence and shine :)
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  14. coming out in your sleep is like fapping , coming out in women is where it should go

    no doubt about that. my point still stands

    i dont buy this
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    If you want to cum in a woman then do so. Cumming in your sleep isn't like fapping. You choose to fap you don't choose a wet dream. Fapping has become an addiction for us and those on this website. You can't get addicted to we

    What part of that don't you buy? Are you saying that my brother didn't do that? Because then you are just calling me liar and that just isn't a way to have a civil conversation.

    If you don't buy that you are being self defeating then prove it. Find the woman of your dreams.
  16. wish i could. i dont have the looks.

    i agree but it feels like a relaps sadly.

    a lot of ppl lie about this shit to keep the propagand up

    i did actually
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    Can't be that bad

    I understand. A lot of people on this website feel that way.

    I have no reason to lie to you brother. This really did happen.

    My story is anecdotal but you can look at the empirical evidence:

    Only around 60% of people lose their virginity in high school. Do you honestly believe 40% of adults are virgins?

    That's great! You should ask her out
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    I hope you are trolling, but in each case: I'm very sorry for you. [​IMG] I won't try to help you as I don't think it will help, as TimeToQuitNow's first 6 posts (or even just the first three) should be quite enough. I admire his perseverance, though.
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    Thank You :D

    This guy is in need of help. His self worth has gone to 0. He says women are the only way to become confident yet he does nothing to find one. That shows me that confidence comes first and with it comes the women.

    @VirginWarrior I think you should really listen to what me and @Dizzy Lotus are saying. It may really help you.
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  20. not being ugly isnt enough. women only want the top 15% of men

    biased studies to keep the dream going

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