I have discovered the biggest reasons for premature ejaculation (and super simple fix)

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    delay sprays isnt a cure, it doesnt fix the issue itself that ur body has

    (not saying the effects wont help with PE, i believe u)
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    Crow90 I saw your excellent post on the subject congrats on taking a factual scientific approach instead of the usual NF broscience BS.
    Well, im not cured, im not sure i ever will be, but the spray seemed to help, in combination with SSRIs. Like you I tried paroxetine but that didn't seem to help, currently taking 20mg citalopram (i need anti depression medication anyway so thats no big deal) but im not convinced that is helping. I also have some dapoxetine, I need to do more tests with this.
    You say yes but what happens when you stop using it...if something appears to help why on earth would you stop using it?
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  3. skibum71

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    On this logic diabetics should stop taking insulin because insulin doesn't cure diabetes.
  4. Crow90

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    5ht2c is in 90% in your bowels flora. Sort out your bowels 1st, check if you have proper flora and are free of parasites and PH is in norm.
    Different SSRI target receptors differently, you need to understand how agonist and antagonists works and what is sensitization and desensitization of neural receptors.
    It might be that your PE is cos of different cause or you need to sensitize 5ht2c and desensitize 5ht1a which can be done by fluoxetine if you wanna do it by SSRI. But then the effect of riddance of PE is allowing serotonin to bind to 5ht2c and thats why you need to stop fluoxetine (cos it blocks serotonin binding to 5ht2c and delaying ejaculation)
  5. skibum71

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    Ok wow youve done your homework. Im a bit confused. Why should you stop fluoxetine, you say it allows serotonin to bind to 5ht2c, whats the problem with that?
  6. Crow90

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    Fluoxetine is good if you wanna desensitize 5HT1a (stimulation of this receptor by serotonin reduce ejaculatory time) and sensitize 5ht2c (stimulation of that receptor by serotonin delays ejaculation time) - in that case it needs to be used for period of time then stopped to allow serotonin to bind to 5ht2c receptor (as fluoxetine is antagonist of 5ht2c so it will prevent any serotonin to bind to it for as long as its in the system - and serotonin binding to 5ht2c is key to prolonged time before ejaculating).

    if you dont want to sort out receptors and just want quick fix then just use paroxetine as it stimulates 5ht2c with a lot of serotonin but the downside is that it will require constant use of this SSRI and all SSRI's has side effects... and remember that with paroxetine both 5ht1a and 5ht2c will downregulate (desensitize within time) so after a while the effect of delayed ejaculation might shorted a bit.

    But all of this is nothing if you dont sort out your heathy life style and circadian rhytm. Also reducing dopamine in your life will increase serotonin so no porn brothers :p
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    I have been away for a while again but I think you guys should really try to fix this naturally. The solution for everyone is unique but you will have to teach your dick to get hard the right way and use the right muscles while being hard and get used to stimulation.

    If you are interested in my help please fill out the following form so I can address your particular situation: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1...YhvD5KXnXCPoHHaw3JvkxgnA/viewform?usp=sf_link

    You could also send me a DM or send me an email directly to [email protected].

    By the way I can´t guarantee a quick response :p
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    Hi everyone, I'm someone relatively older who has still never had sex, but that is something that I need to say before I say anything else and isn't really relevant otherwise. I have to say overall I'm a little frustrated with some of the comments here, as they don't really go anywhere and honestly some I find misleading. So let me be very specific when asking this question about the PC muscle. If I were to not contract the BC muscle at all (which I have very tight control of, either fortunately or unfortunately) and only did the PC muscle, when fapping do I only contract the PC muscle at the point of no return? Or am I contracting the PC muscle while I'm sensitive and then just back out once I've reached that point of no return? That's the main question I have, but let me get to some commentary I wanted to make.
    I can probably control the BC muscle stronger than anyone else (only recently did this happen), and given how strong I can hold it up (basically as long as I want) It confirmed for me before reading anything about BC versus PC that there was absolutely no way that is how people prevent premature ejaculation. Even if porn isn't real You don't exactly see them stop and get soft and then hard again. That just doesn't happen. Now I did in a different way know about the REAL PC muscle, and I knew how to use that too but I'm not sure I ever tried to do it alone without contracting the BC muscle. Also, just a note, I'm not exactly sure how contracting the PC muscle stops a piss midstream. Are you still trying to piss while you stop it? Doesn't really make sense to me. But anyway the real PC muscle I just knew of as 'lifting your balls' (would any of you describe it this way, at least partly?), And I knew my erections were strongest and that I could hold an erection longer when I contracted the real PC muscle (forgot to explain this but I always thought the BC was the PC). Someone online whose sexual conquests I followed once even told me that as he reaches the point of ejaculation that he just squeezes his buttcheeks together as tightly as possible, and he is a biker and has very strong glutes, stronger than most. I knew from that moment on that the BC wasn't relevant but given what I always heard about stopping a piss midstream I thought practicing it wouldn't hurt. All this time I've been wrong, it appears. And honestly it makes sense to me that flexing it can cause PE issues. I'm going to go a week without flexing the BC muscle even while pissing, and I'm not worried about any involuntary contractions because as I said I control it very well. When that week is over I will fap and try to only use the PC muscle. I'll report back my findings.
    The reason I asked my first question is that I once read that to prevent ejaculation you keep your balls lifted, but I think that's only if you're doing this in tandem with if you are contracting your BC muscle perhaps. For example if I got very sensitive I would contract my BC muscle and let my dick get soft, and when I got 8/10 of the way to fully hard I would lift my balls up (same motion as contracting the PC muscle) and it would prevent any sensitivity until I did it for a little too long, which in case I would then again engage the BC muscle. But if engaging the BC muscle causes PE to begin with, then This back and forth is pointless. And fapping is one thing but being in a tight pussy is a whole other thing, which again being a virgin I knew and know that when I came to the real thing I would just have to get lucky somehow in order to last. Someone here needs to fill me in That's actually an expert, because what a lot of you are saying isn't helping.

    Oh and also, two other less relevant questions: what the heck is an RK, and now that I know where the real PC muscle is what in the heck is a kegel? Some of you are saying that the PC muscle can't take very much contracting, But it's just weird to me that it's something that can be practiced when it seems very intuitive how to lift it The question to me is when should I be lifting it and that takes me back to the original question. Once again, the book I read told me I should be holding it, but then someone once told me they squeeze it when they're getting close to ejaculation, and you guys haven't really said anything at all about when to hold it.
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  9. TantraMan

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    Can you give a little background on your PE situation so we can understand it better?
  10. tvin11mult

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    Hello everyone! Text translated with google.
    For a long time I had a narrow foreskin and I could not open the glans. Then I still stretched the skin, but the frenulum was short. I did the plastic. Now I have foreskin and dont have frenulum.
    Since childhood, I masturbated a lot and strained the BC muscle. Then, while masturbating, I used the middle and base of the penis. I did not touch the glans.
    I have a very sensitive glans. It even hurts to touch it with lubricant. I bought a fake pussy for training, but I can only take two strokes. There are also involuntary contractions of the BC muscle.
    Now I'm try not to watch porn, do reverse Kegel, stretching, edging and ballooning. I can take it without lubricant, but with lubricant it hurts.
    I read about PreE, but Google translates incorrectly. Therefore, I wanted to clarify.
    1. How can I remove pain and reduce the sensitivity of the glans? Continue edging and ballooning? How am I supposed to do this wiht glans? Do it dry first, then add lubricant, then add the toy? Or should I start right away with a fake pussy to hurt?
    2. How to get rid of involuntary Kegel? When the BC shrinks, then I cannot cancel it with reverse Kegel. Just keep doing edging with reverse Kegel and it will disappear afterwards?
  11. Wonderful info, if your account wasn't deleted I would thank you
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    Hello, new account here made just for commenting on this thread.

    So I've been PMOing since around 12 years old, which in turn caused me ED around 3 years ago. But since around a year, I've been feeling a very annoying burning feeling in my perineum area, which through research I first connected it to it being the urethra, or that I had an sti or uti. It came around the time I also masturbated a few times a day so I naturally connected it to this activity (I wasn't wrong), and since I was also trying nofap but failing miserably, I decided to take it even more seriously with the additional purpose of erasing the burning sensation. Also, around this time I have started to orgasm much faster, but I didn't really pay attention to it. A few months ago I've even orgasmed in my pants without stroking, which at first really scared me but correlating it to wet dreams happening without you jerking off I thought it to not be something impossible. I have also started peeing much more frequently around a month ago, which is another unnecessary and exhausting phenomenon that it's dreadful to simply think about let alone experience it on a daily basis.

    At some point of the research I came to find kegel exercises, which falsely encouraged the strengthening of the BC muscle, but being unaware of this I have been doing them and basically I have trained myself to use the BC muscle consciously to try and erase the burning feeling. I'm on day 57 of nofap now and the burning sensation never really vanished, but since having read this thread yesterday and learning about the BC muscle, something happened.

    Since yesterday, I have consciously keeping the BC muscle relaxed at all times, sometimes even doing the reverse kegel for the sake of it, even if it won't help at all, based on some of the replies here. The burning is gone! I can still feel the BC muscle constantly, like there is some pressure on my perineum that makes my mind constantly be aware of it, but it doesn't burn anymore. Also, it seems like I go to the toilet much less frequently, almost like a few months ago. This is very enlightening to me and I am for now postponing going to a urologist because I believe they would have not given me this advice that actually made it better, and I certainly do not want to hop on random pills. I've located my PC muscle pretty quickly, and I have no real problem isolating it from the BC, although I'm not sure whether it's even necessary to strengthen it, I'll still be trying.

    I have around a week before I'll be seeing my girlfriend (whom I didn't have sex with yet), but I doubt I will be able to last sufficiently long if I'll still feel the pressure on my muscle, since I assume this means it's still overused and so I don't expect great performance from my part. My longest sex session was around 2h with a 10 minute cigarette break, but it was due to my death grip, although it was also my first time I started doing maths in my head so this one helped too. Anyway, since I'm on day 57 of nofap and I have 100% sensitivity this will probably be the second time I will experience PE, first time was with my ex after a few intercourses since my death grips was vanishing. We broke up soom after (not because of the sex, it was me who broke up for different reasons) so I couldn't experience more PEs. Now when I have an erection and I stroke it very slowly and passionately, i basically immediately start feeling coming up to orgasm, it's insane. I will wait some days and see whether this pressure goes away and when, and I'll try to gently stroke and see if my time improves before meeting my gf.

    I'll try to remember this thread and update in a month or so.

    So from my experience, what I connected to the overused BC muscle is:

    >constant burning feeling
    >frequent peeing
    >premature ejaculation

    First two starting to heal just after two days, third one still not tried out.

    Anyway, a very good thread and even if some of the info might be wrong, there is definitely a connection between the BC muscle and certain physical and sexual dysfunctions.
  13. Crow90

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    Hey I am back after a while.
    So I have finished the tests with fluoxetine. To my surprise it did not work as I thought and did not change anything, or even I would say it worsened my PE for around 10% more LoL...
    So I thought if it did not work then I will try drug that works for the 5ht2c in opposite way (which is paroxetine)...
    After just few days my PE was gone - it might be due to the stimulation of 5ht2c or maybe cos it relax me a bit and hence slow the activation of HPA Axis which is stress response to stimulus... BUT...!!!!
    There is a catch... If i get too excited it doesnt matter it can still end quickly.
    But when I stay calm I am able to last as long as I can and I actually learned how to control this feeling of calmness and also how to keep my dick calm and free of spasming or involuntary movement of muscles down there hence my whole body is relaxed and I can last as long as I can...
    I will still need to stop taking it after a while and see if I can maintain this control but I am thinking positive. I will update you asap.

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