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    5 times in the last 197 days.

    The previous 197 days before that?

    49 times.

    Damn right. Right now, on a second best 34 days, my best is 59.

    I've had more energy, a bigger attention span, more desire to do things, the classic "I've gotten so much from quitting PMO" and all the things that come from it.
    I haven't just experienced these benefits from quitting PMO, I have actually become a different person. I'm more self-aware, I'm in a better place attitude-wise, I'm trying not to take things and people for granted, and the cruncher, I've realized I don't need a girl to make me feel like I'm happy.

    You create your own happiness, every day. That's all I've learned. But I owe it to so many people in my life, some of them here, on this website, others teachers, mentors, parents, close friends.
    The world you want to live in? Make this one the one you want to live in, it's there, you just have to make the conscious decision that you do want to put in the work and the effort to make this world your world. That's all.

    Stay strong!
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    I'm really encouraged by your attitude. I may have relapsed in the past month a couple of times, but if I compare this year to last, I've definitely made progress.

    Congrats on overcoming your addiction!
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    Lovely . Understanding = Beautiful

    Positive Vibes Always . :emoji_bow:
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