I have failed.. again..

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Share The Pain, Aug 29, 2021.

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    I cant resist the urges and flashbacks from porn. Its like a hunger, you cant go on without it just like when you eat the hunger leaves but eventually comes back again. Feeling helpless, any good tips?
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    Yes, it's a pain - but after a while you should get used to it. You should stop P. Thoughts few seconds after you are aware of them. This point in time is important, this is when you have few seconds when you consider what to do, either fail and go on with PMO or fight and throw away those thoughts. If you decide to continue your fantasies you will get aroused, and things will get more difficult.

    It's like every other decision you make, like either learn/work or go and watch TV. Go out running or play game on Xbox. Doing sports and working seems more productive, decision is yours.

    Iam attacked by such thought many times a day, and I block them right away. Also after few weeks of no P. You will have less visual fantasies of P. You have watched, it helps.
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