I have lost most sexual desire and am worried I think I have pied

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  1. Any help please I don’t want to turn to supplements the I am in my 14th day nofap streak and can’t even get an erection by thought I had an arousing dream last night that caused one but the dream first time in a while, I would say it was more hardcore, I’m worried that I won’t be able to perform without some sort of supplement I’ve been working out a lot lately but only now did I really realize that I may have a problem Think the problem will fix itself by 90 days? I’m worried it may take longer idk let me know if any of you guys have gone through this?
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    Don't use a blue pill or anything of that sort. Maybe short term you get needed results but long term you are going to be sooo fucked up that you have no idea. Start Nofap. Never let your guard down. Very important thing is that you need to understand that location of a problem is your brain not your dic*. You need to "feed" your brain only with good stuff
    Good sleep
    Drink water as much as you can but not too much
    Try to eat healthy
    Maybe 30 days or more sounds too long but trust me better than ehole life stuck.
    Remember when you cure there is no going back to old destructive habit!! Even when you heal yourself this fight never stops, it is every fucking day You VS ruinning your future
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  3. Thanks I’ve been doing this I’ll keep it up I’ve been very healthy for about a few weeks with my eating and have been working out often but I really do hope to see results in 30 days I want to recover naturally I have no desire to relapse really it would be easy but I don’t feel like ruining myself even more I’m thinking years of porn messed with my head so I do believe your right on that so I’m trying to get my brain to recover as well thanks for the input and will be happy for anymore advice
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    I've just gone through this so I can give you my experience.

    I did hard mode, no P, M or O. I had no desire for any of the three, literally zero. Of course I would get sexual thoughts occasionally but they meant nothing, didn't make me feel anything. I would even get pretty vivid sexual dreams where in the dream I was super turned on but I'd wake up and again, felt nothing, even if I was hard as a rock. So I had a full 8 weeks(56 days) of this, I felt like I could live this way forever, then things started to happen. I woke up around day 57 and had some feeling of libido, not a whole lot but something was there. Then I started thinking sexually again and was actually engaging these thoughts, with each passing day the libido got a little bit stronger and the thoughts were really ramping up, to the point where it's all I could think about. Unfortunately they were mostly porn related but that's no surprise as that's what I've wired myself to for so long. Anyway, by the end of week 9 I basically felt like I was going through puberty all over again, couldn't concentrate on anything and frankly just needed to stick my dick in something ... then I screwed up and whacked it to porn. Of course I then did it again a few more times for good measure, now 3 days later and I feel like I've lost a lot of progress at least on the libido front, don't think I've knocked myself all the way back down but there's not much there at the moment. I'm determined to get straight back at it now though.

    You may recover quicker or you may take longer but that's how it went for me. My only advice is to abstain fully, no sneaking the odd look at a picture, no stroking to see if you can get a reaction down below, just leave it alone. The other thing is have a plan in place for when the libido comes back, I didn't have one because honestly I wasn't convinced that abstaining was actually going to work, now I know it does and this time I'll be better prepared for the urges. Good luck.
  5. Thank you this give me some comfort on what to expect in the weeks to come
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    You really need to educate yourself a bit as well, if you're going through nofap and don't understand no sexual desire I am not sure you have read/ watched any material. The whole point is to avoid pmo, for your entire life really. My experience was similar to yours and another poster here, I had no urges and went 3 weeks days clean. Then the urges for porn started, I started cheating/ peeking a lot. Then on day 30 I found myself alone and with porn on my phone and boom! So, 1) don't try to use willpower solely 2) educate yourself on the journey 3) try to change your life rather than focusing on 90 day healing 4) No porn! No porn whatsoever. Be true to yourself.
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    See The Glossary^ and the explanation of flatlining.
  8. Been trying to get a little more educated on the issue because it was not sure what was going on and this time I made the decision to never return to porn I only hope I can do that, Not even a peek
    It’s very destructive on the mind I felt as if I wasted many of my years on a drug it’s was a relaxing habit but became an addiction always wanted more. Now once I recover I can’t see myself going back, too many negative effects.
    • Thanks IGY
    • Flatlining: Many NoFap® users report one or more periods of zero libido during their streak, especially in the 2-6 week period. Transitioning from an overexcited, always-eager libido to none at all can be disconcerting and even scary for the experienced masturbator, but many Fapstronauts report that it is only a phase in the reboot and will pass.
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  9. So I’m 18 days in this time a little upset I had liquor last night I hope that does not effect my recovery so it should take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to recover right? I’ll keep pushing and will avoid any bad foods and alcohol this time I have more control over myself have been working on control since the quarantine began I just keep having doubts about recovery

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