I have made up my mind.

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    Right fellas,

    I am a 25 year lad. Been mostly single, low on self confidence and not much luck when it comes to women. I have been with women on two occasions in the last year and couldn't maintain an erection for penetrative sex.

    This is my second attempt at NoFap. The longest I went without PMO was 11 days earlier in January. I do consider that as an achievement considering the fact that I had been PMOing for the last 6 years and it had gotten worse in the last 2 years or so where masturbation was a normal habit. Throughout the year, I kept on making arbitrary targets for NoFap and kept on shifting the goalpost from one day to another. I am frankly, frustrated about my lack of discipline and I have made up my mind that once the situation improves, I want to start online dating. But I have PIED and I know that if I don't do this now, it will always keep on haunting me back.

    Let's get through this guys. If anyone's starting here new, let's keep ourselves motivated and check on each other. The times are already tough and this is a silent recovery battle we are fighting. I don't want to feel lonely again. Drop me a message if anyone's interested in pairing here.
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    My Journal
    Welcome to NoFap brother. Stay strong.
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