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  1. did you ever think about how much time you spend doing PMO? I've read stories of people edging for hours! you've probably read stories about people who do PMO when they should be doing other important things, you're probably one of these people, so I'm going to focus on me
    I usually watched P in bed before going to sleep, so you can imagine that I was very tired in the morning, wich basically went away, because now I can controll when I go to sleep
    also, I always quit what I was doing (like homework) to have a quick session, now I can focus on work for longer!
    another thing is that I can enjoy the time when I'm home alone and actually do things instead of PMO
    tl;dr I have more time to be productive
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  2. Yes, the productivity when a person goes no PMO is amazing. I was one of those people who edged for hours everyday. And now, I can't believe all the time I have to do real, actual, productive things. It's awesome!
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