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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by martyg, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Hey all I am very proud to say that I am just over a month with no porn it has been a bit of a struggle but I'm here!

    a small bit of back story about me, I have been watching porn for 15 years I was shocked when I done the maths it really woke me up to the problem. I have. Beautiful fiancé and a baby that I have come so close to loosing so many times because I kept lying about porn and hiding it. This has been a habit from my youth clear the history ect.

    I have made my own plan for recovery here I have not gone hardcore mode hats off to people who can in the last month other then sex I have masturbated twice (no porn) at first i really beat myself up over this but my problem was porn and excessive faping I am restricting my self to once a week max. Guys with young family's will know sex is not as available with a baby on hand.

    but all in all i am better and happy it has improved my life ten fold all i will say is be strict with yourself but don't feel you need to be a monk we are human we have sexual needs its just a matter of getting things back to normal levels focus on what was the biggest problem. Good luck all and stay strong
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    Motivation To Keep Going ! Embrace The New Energy !

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