I have no experience so I feel scared.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Teo Whispers, May 25, 2020.

  1. Teo Whispers

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    15 y.o. I wanna ask out my classmate that like. But...

    I have no idea what should I do on a date. Where to go? How to make it not boring? Any other advice?
  2. Metis07

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    Do what you what to do, just try to have fun. Your aim is to have a good time (with respect to another person) and to get knowing another person, that’s all.
    The questions is really what you want to do/where you wanna go with her, not that you should/must do.

    Anxiety is completely OK, just do it.
  3. p1n1983

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    Just go out and have fun. Ask her questions to know her better, tease her and see what happens.
    Where ever you want to go. You are inviting her to spend time with you, you are inviting her to joing you in a specific place to have fun together. If she like you she is not going to care about the plan.
    Forget about this. If there's is chemistry between the both of you the date will flow naturally for hours. If not, there should be a lot of awkward silences and that's how you know you are not meant for each other. You want to date a girl that you have a blast with, if both of you get bored in your first date why would you want to date her again?
    I do the same in each 1st date I have with a woman.
    1st: I go out to have fun, so I only date girls that i'm attracted to, but also i find them funny to talk or chat to.
    2nd: in the date i ask her questions and see how things flow. I look for red flags and tease her to see how she reacts.
    3rd: If i'm enjoying myself and I like her enough to date her again, I start to read her body language to know if she is also attracted to me. If that's the case I go for the kiss in the date or at the end of it.

    If I spot red flags or the conversation is boring or she get offended when I tease her, for me those are big turn off, so I end the nigth early and don't ask her out again.
    Same if I like her but she give me the cheek when I go for the kiss, i want to date a girl that is happy to kiss me back at the end of the nigth. Shy, structured, with rules or not interested woman's don't get a second date.
  4. elevate

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    You don't need "more".

    You don't need to be more interesting.

    You don't need more knowledge or experience.

    You don't need to have everything figured out.

    You need less.

    Less getting in your own way.

    Less bullshit in your head causing you resistance from what you want to do.

    Don't come from the mindset of impressing. Come from the mindset of expressing yourself. Value your interests and personality. Value what you have to say and what you want to do. It's not about what she wants. That's up to her. What's important is what you want. All you can do is create invitations out to the world. The anxiety that you feel is your unrealistic and emotionally unintelligent / inexperienced desire to prevent her from rejecting or hurting you... but it's that very desire to protect yourself that will lead to lowering your chances and lowering your ability to do your best.

    Think of it like you're on a playground. You're having fun playing with the swings. You see someone that's playing on the slides. You think that it would be fun to enjoy the swings with someone. So you go meet this stranger and invite them to the swings. If they say no, then you move on to the other people or just keep enjoying the swings on your own until another day comes with fresh opportunities.
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  5. buffness

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    Movies, mall, bowling, arcade, ice skating, a park, the zoo, a museum, a theatre, hiking, a restaurant, your house, really just fucking anywhere/anything that involves an activity of some sort. To make it fun, I'd say treat her like how you treat your friends; joke around, talk about interesting shit, talk about each other, ask questions, be funny if you can.

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