I have no idea what to do with my free time

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  1. Obviously I easily get the urge to PMO, and that's what I want to avoid. I already work out about 4-6 days per week, and I'm eating about 1500 calories per day to lose weight, so doing more exercise isn't an option because my body wouldn't recover enough. Any advice on what I can do?
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  2. Write/journal. And read it every so often. Just like you need a recovery period between workouts with the body, the mind has to integrate new information and insights.

    And don't worry about what you write. If you don't know what to write, write about that. If you really have a block even literally writing "I don't know what to write about. This feels pointless" etc. As stupid as it may sound the key thing is just the action to get the ball rolling. You're not trying to get published, it's just for yourself and your eyes only so nobody will be judging it. And of course when you read it it's not about judging the quality of the writing but getting a sense of where you're at psychologically. I find once I get going it can become more interesting very quickly. Just remember it's about self expression so nothing is off the table, you're totally free.
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    I second this. Journaling and writing censorship-free was and still are one of best tools to self-integrate, observe and self-express myself.
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    You could incorporate meditation to build up your ability to not give thoughts and urges as much power, or start picking up a skill you've always wanted to learn, there's a lot of free courses on coursera and edx and those types of websites. Reading is also a great way to kill time and learn a thing or two. But most importantly, its important you actually enjoy everything you're doing and not just doing stuff because it seems productive or whatever. I see on this site sometimes people become a bit obsessed with productivity(toxic productivity if you will). If you are genuinely enjoying yourself on a daily basis I think the urges will naturally become much less of a factor.
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    Where do you guys journal? Or what are some good places to do so? Sounds pretty cool. One of the things I'd like to do is be able to write about whatever I want, but without the constant worry someone might 'recognize' you, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway.. there's a ton of things you can do. These days you can find full episodes of Family Guy etc. on YT. Add an adblocker and you'll never get around to finish your chores, ever!

    The more valuable time to spend your time is to learn and create, and help of course. Learn how to program, create a miniature/scale villa from wood and cardboard, or help around the community?

    I agree with the post above, it's important that you enjoy the things that you do in your spare time. Otherwise it'll just be pointless or at least feel that way. A happy man has little stress, which could lead to less PMO.
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    Pen and paper!
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    I was expecting a recommended website or blog or something, where you can register. But I suppose good ol' pen and paper can do the trick. Thing is, for me anyway, I'd like people to be able to read it. Maybe even comment on it. But sort of under an alias.

    Pen and paper is fine, it's just that it exists only in your home. Also, I wouldn't want people to be able to read it that easily if they ever found it. I even go as far as to think e.g. family might read things they wish they hadn't if you'd die early lol.
  8. I was just thinking about how workaholism may dovetail with quitting PMO in some cases. But regarding meditation and combined with this aspect of enjoyment, I think is really key. And since people have a hard time sitting still in general walking meditation may be a good thing to integrate. Currently my morning practice "stack" is

    1. a brief period of sitting meditation,
    2. walking (not so much super slow formal walking meditation but enjoying nature in the morning but still with the intention to be mindful)
    3. Writing
    4. Reading
    5. Eating/cooking

    Of these, I would say probably the walking and writing is most important and I feel like I get the most out of it, and I feel better doing it.
  9. I've been doing it on my PC this time around, and I think it may be nice to move it from the desktop to an old netbook I have. It's small and handy and I think on some level I'm used to thoughtful writing on a keyboard since I've spent a ton of time online over the years. Being old and slow it's also nice that I'm not really going to do much online and surf because even though it can it's going to be cumbersome but it doesn't matter for word processing.

    There is something to be said about writing by hand though, some people are really big on writing with the non-dominant hand which does seem to have an interesting effect. If you are keen on tech you might even use a tablet with a stylus, but the freedom it gives is it's not just spelling stuff with a keyboard and the very way you write is self expression too.
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    I just use my apple pencil and ipad which is the same idea as pen and paper just digital and a bit more secure cause you need my thumbprint or passcode to get in. If you feel better about others seeing it but not necessarily knowing you, a blog or even just starting a journal on here in the reboot logs section can do the trick. I'm a pretty private guy and I don't really like too many people commenting on my stuff but I may give the journals on here another try purely for pmo topics.
  11. Do some coding Or learn some tutorials about it, it's fun, happy learning.
  12. Meditations, spiritual study, walking in nature, learning any kind of trade, physical skill (making knives, bows, working with metal or wood, ...) or survival related things. Shoot guns! Learning a new language or instrument. Reading reading reading: research crypto, coding, selfimprovement, research about any hobby you want to do or are doing, ...

    Become a man and get busy. Learn valuable things for your physical mental emotional spiritual and financial wellbeing. Secure your future and invest in critical relationships to help you on your path.

    Review your life and make a strategic life plan...

    Specifically read the following books and research the authors.;
    1. Efficiency
    2. The laws of succes
    3. Getting things done
    4. King (from elliot hulse)
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    read books, learn programming, pray.
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    Something social. Join a volleyball league.
  15. Love all the recommendations, thanks guys!

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