I have officially given up with talking with this girl I've been introduced to

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  1. I have a habit of doing this towards other women I've met: I quickly run out of things to talk about, way too much awkward silence. We never met in real life, only texted. Such a shame, too, since she is the most identical to me in what I like and don't like.

    I'm not giving up hope in the dating world, though
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    I find it's best to try and meet in real life as soon as possible - I'm thinking about 2 weeks after first contact - or the conversation can go stale quickly.

    As for dates, you need conversation topics in your back pocket. There's loads of stuff you can talk about on a first date and it's easy to avoid awkward silences with a bit of practice. Prepare in advance, make a list of interesting things you can talk about, go online for ideas if necessary. Write them in your phone so if your mind goes blank during the date, you can nip off to the toilet, take a few minutes and use your list to refresh your memory.
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  3. Problem of that is, she goes to bed really early due to the medication she takes and most of the other times, she's busy
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    Dont focus too much on conversation topics. They can come in handy to start an conversation, but the date shouldn't feel like an job interview.

    Always be actively listening and build off what is being said. You can follow up with an statement of interests to keep the conversation going.

    Statements like:
    - Tell me more
    - What's that like?
    - How did that make you feel?

    Also, share some stories/experiences based on word association. If she mentions an word which you can tell an story or share an experience. Then share it. The ball would be in her court then on how to respond based on the subject.

    Have fun and laugh while talking. Dont tell depressing stories....
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    Great advice in this thread, but also remeber that its not all on you to make conversation.

    Conversation going dry is as much of a reflection on her as you, if shes not also willing to put in 50% of the effort to keep it going, then their is not much you can do.

    If it doesnt work out, its just that you were not meant for eachother
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    Only date girls that are easy to chat/talk to. They are the ones that will make you have a good time on a first date even if you are not meant for each other. Beautifull boring girls sucks. Give me a regular one but with a lot of actitud, if you find a good looking girl and cool don´t let her scape jaja.

    Last week i dated a girl like this, we had a blast in the date. we really had fun and we always has something to say.. both of us wanted to have a good time. The date lasted for 4 hours, just beer and talking.
    I saw her last night and again, almost 5 hours toghether in a bar just taking and making out.

    In the opposite side, i talked to a girl in tinder that in 2 days didn´t ask anything about me. The chat was like a questionnaire of her life. I could ask her 1 million more things but it was really boring. At first i supposed that she wasn´t interested in me but without asking for it she gave me her cell phone, so she was interested. So... she is interested and she bored me as fuck... hell no.. didn´t add her or reply to her last message. Bye bye.

    Good conversation it´s 90% of a relationship, choose wisely!
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    I had a girl recently ask if I wanted to go for a drink with her so I gave her my number and we chatted via text for a while and she said again "Do you still want to go for a drink?" and I said yes and asked her if she sill wanted to and she said "yes, when are you free?". I suggested a place to go and if the next day was ok. She said yes sounds nice etc but then she started stuttering and made excuses and since then the whole thing has slowed to a halt. It's like they ask you if you want to do stuff as a test but are not actually prepared to do it. So, I agree with the other statements: If the person isn't prepared to have a conversation with you and expects you to do all the talking they are not worth your time.
  8. I surely am never going back to online dating as every girl I've talked to/met up with ended fairly quickly. This one wasn't online. Never met in person, introduced by a mutual friend. However, I'm still socially awkward in real life, so finding someone else is gonna take some time.
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    Someone else posted this in another forum but it might help you.

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