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    so rn i am sitting on my couch instead of being in my class i wasted my four hours edginf i had an urgue while texting with a girls on insta and then i coudnt contrl myself wasted all 4 hours then i decided to take a cold shower but i also took my mob with me i video called some random girl on insta and was so near to relapse but then the cold water stared running from the tap i stopeed guess thre was sum pre cum my mob fell off in the water and i felt pain so much pain in my penis cuz i forces my self to suddenly stop but then again after taking a shower after 30 mins i got a text back from someone and again i started edging that pain didnt frekaing stopped me and now i am here im on day 11 btw my best streak was day 19 im still wanna continue my streak so i deleted my instagram becsue i spend more than 9 hours on my phone i also have insomnia no matter what i do cant sleep at night also deleted that stupid datng app i also burned my finger with a matchstick as a punishment trust me guys edging isnt worth it this was the reason i got failed 2 times and am still stuvk in class 10 despite being 18 ive never had anyone and have alwasy struggled withlonlines but ive got god by my side and will overcome this shit and be a FUCKING MAN
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    Oh my, sounds like you're very angry at yourself. I identify with hurting ones self as punishment, I did that like in the movie fight club then I got pissed of f that it didn't hurt as bad as the movie depicted :). Most of my life was being angry, 60% of the time at myself. It seems like that energy could be used but it's a dangerous energy at least has been to me in my experience maybe it's different for different people. Anyways it's hard to say no to if it's all the energy that's available but I'm glad I've started to find sustainable alternatives like doing the right thing out of love or peace it just because it's my choice. It's not easy, taking years for me. There was a good discussion of anger recently here but I can't remember which forum it was, maybe you'll find some useful ideas here.
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    Find your source to burn your anger. To me, it is the gym. Whenever I feel irritated, I would just wait for my gym sessions and go burn all my fucking pain in it. You will only end up growing more muscular even though sometimes I still experience negative thoughts. Just to let you know those are temporary impulsions and you need not to act on them. Say I acknowledge how I am feeling and I am okay with it.

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