I have PIED, don't I?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Maurice00, Jan 13, 2020.

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    I'm 19 years old and I've been masturbating to porn daily since I was about 12 years old. At first I could get really hard erections without touching myself but now I can't get an erection normally without porn and I can only get a weak, fading erection if I touch myself whilst watching it. I also don't have any sex drive at all. At first I was worried my erectile dysfunction came from me quitting my SSRI cold turkey but I don't know to be honest. I have social anxiety and depression and what I did to compensate was sexting girls and masturbating to nudes all the time. I masturbated quite roughly and was anxious to get the hardest, biggest erection I could so I could take a picture of it and send it to them. Eventually I notice I couldn't get as hard anymore and it really messed my self confidence up and I'd have these moments from time to time where I could get really hard again but eventually those disappeared too. I just kept watching porn and cumming with my semi erect dick. So now I'm stuck with a limp dick that can only get slightly hard to porn and touching and no sex drive and no boners throughout the day.

    Would you say I have PIED? I'm scared as hell my SSRI use has messed me up permanently so I'll jump in the air from happiness if it's just PIED.
  2. Hey man, I don't know much about SSRI but to me sounds like you have a case of PIED. You're still young though, so NoFap will help you fight PIED. If this issue persists, I suggest contacting a doctor because it might be serious if it lasts long. Also this seems to be your first post, so welcome to NoFap!
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    Thank you. I think I made it worse because all I was doing was completely mechanical. I'd jerk off when I wasn't horny and I'd force myself to get erect to porn etc and eventually I kind of got performance anxiety too. I went on a streak of about 14 days a few months back and I ended up relapsing to nudes but I realised my sensitivity was way higher and I could get harder than before. Just gonna try lay of for 90 days. I need to fucking stop relapsing out of insecurity. That's my biggest demon, I keep getting worried and wanting to test if everything is okay.

    One more question: Will I get my original size back when the reboot is complete? One of the things I'm worried about is the "use it or lose it" idea that your dick willl get permanently smaller if you don't use it.
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  4. Same here brother, my personal streak has been 10 days in the last two years but I'm so close to breaking it. I know we're both gonna break our records. Honestly dude, I don't really believe in the "use it lose it" mindset, so I think if you abstain from masturbation your weenie will be okay!
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    Brother am facing the same thing as i was getting really hard boners earlier with my girl or even to porn without stimulation , i never had any intimacy but everything was fine and was looking for a moment to make out but unfortunately here in lockdown , one night as i was MOing to porn ,just started with it and my penis gone flaccid next moment and from then am watching some betterment as am only having night and some rare morning erections like 60% but not those spontaneous erections throughout the day . Am really depressed bout my condition :'( is it curable and one more thing that my member is not as sensitive as earlier .... To touch i want to live my days again . Hope you guys have any anwers... Am 2 weeks in nofap...now
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    Just stop PMO for 90 days. Evaluate and go from there... :)
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    Well, that's nonsense for sure. The purpose of NPT (or what we notice/call it morning wood) is to keep your organs in shape. As in healthy males, nightime erection duration is few hours per night, it is much more then it woud last during normal (even daily) sex. So, in fact, you're using it even if you don't have sex.
    Probably a reason why morning wood (NPT in fact) does not exist at porn addicts is because they are getting enough erection time during the day (which is not normal) so NPT is not needed.

    I don't know much about SSRI, but porn fuck ups your brain, so without it maybe you even wouldn't need SSRI at a first place. As porn has incredible intense influence to brain chemicals, it can trigger depression.
    Your case is definitely PIED.
    Your depression may be triggered by porn use as well.
    My advice would be to give up porn completely (90 days is just a nice number, but it does not mean anything).
    Give up porn and masturbation for 5-6 months completely and then reevaluate your state regarding erections, libido and regarding depression.

    Keep going with the nofap. It sounds like PIED an PA (it happened once and now you freak out about it - stress is counter productive for erection).
    But as it is acute, we can't definitely rule out some physical problem, so medical check up would be adviseable as well.

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