I have sinned gravely... *Trigger warning*

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  1. RebootingProtestant

    RebootingProtestant Fapstronaut

    Hello there my friends. To preface this, I would like to say that I do not know where else to post this so sorry if it is inappropriate for these forums in particular. Also, here is the pmo trigger warning so turn back if you're not into that. So in order to tell of my mistakes, it requires a little bit of backstory.
    So, I've been on nofap for a decent amount of time (until recently), and the benifits have been growing ever so steadily. I've been more confident, more focused, and more in tune spiritually and in the word than I ever have been. During this phase I decided to download tinder. This was my first mistake. I matched almost instantly with a girl and we got together and got food. There was an instant connection and I found her very beautiful. We ended up going back to my place and neither of us could resist the temptation and we ended up being intimate with each other to the point where we both finished, although we didn't have full on sex. Basically I felt bad for it but then she came back the next night and we did it again. I felt awful but then she told me she was a high ranking witch in a coven... I am now horrified and do not know what to do. I have been a Christian for a very long time and I do not want these moments of weakness to damage my eternal destiny. I believe in the preservation of the saints, but i cant help but feel like I have gone too far. I would appreciate any and all wise words from you guys in regards to this question of going too far and sinning too great, as it is weighing so heavy on my soul right now.
  2. ok ill have to respond when I get home. Have courage brother!
  3. Run_Like_Joseph_Did

    Run_Like_Joseph_Did Fapstronaut

    I think that the most important thing that you should do is completely cut ties with her and get in touch with a local minister and get his advice. This is a big and deep sin and I think that you can only fix these kinds of things with other people. Especially the people that have been ordained in the church to help with such problems.
  4. Rafafa

    Rafafa Fapstronaut

    Only one sin dont have forgives. Its is the blasfemy of holy spirit.
    Even if you sinned, God can forgive you.
    Tell she about Jesus, how it changed your life and ask she to go to church. You can save this souls. Pray for her. If she dont want, cut the relationship. Even if is harder and ask another person to pray for her to you dont think more in her.

    Sorry for the weak english.

    And you sinned without knowing she has been an witch. So your sin is less than if you knowed.

    Jesus is with you.

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