I have swallowed the purple pill

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by WalkingForward, May 14, 2017.

  1. WalkingForward

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    I have no fucking idea what's going on. Or maybe I do, I don't know really.
  2. Star Lord

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    There are no pills.
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  3. MGTOW reference, I'm assuming?

    Good. Purple pill is necessary first step. Hope you eventually take the red pill too. Just be careful with drugs. Don't overdose on that shit. A lot of people do and turn into either a scared, self pitying beta boy or a misogynist.
  4. Well not necessary. There are a lot of MGTOW who don't just see world as black and white (or should I say red and blue). I don't think it's healthy to generalize anything like that. Cos if you do you really are using the same way of thinking on MGOTOW as they do on women.
  5. I Free I

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  6. WalkingForward

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    No I wasn't thinking about MGTOW. I was more generally wondering if I know what's real or not.


    But I don't even know if I really know nothing.

    I'm not MGTOW at all actually. Take it from an insane and lonely incel, it's worth taking some risks to avoid ending up in my situation.

    Go out and live for God's sake! I wish I could, maybe I could, I don't know.
  7. SilentJay313

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    That just made me think of this:

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