I have very high standards

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by helloo1221, Oct 14, 2021.

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    Hello guys i have lost many oportunities for a relashionship because i have very high standards,i always find something that i dont like in a girl.I think porn has done this to me maybe i want one of these fake bodies and faces that porn shows us,plus i am a virgin so on my first relashionship i want to be with a very beautiful girl.What are your thoughts on that?.I want a relashionship,so i have to low my standards?
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  2. depeche69

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    No, dont lower you standards.
    Work on yourself and keep on chasing women until you get a beautiful women.
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  3. Beekind

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    They are not standards. They are filters.
    You have to dissolve all filters.
    Believe me, you will start seeing the real beauty in women.
    Having high standards requires being a high value man. Having filters is a different thing altogether.
    Porn install blinding and unclean filters in our minds.
    Stop porn, beauty awaits.
  4. p1n1983

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    Attraction is not a choice. Or you like a girl or you don't.
    Lower your standards in not something that you can do. Maybe porn make you only like perfect 10 girls.

    Leave porn behind and see if your taste in woman change. Also work in yourselve in order to have more chances to attract this perfect woman you are into rigth now.
    Remember, if you like perfect 10 woman the only way to attract a woman like that is to be a perfect 10 man. Are you?
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  5. There's nothing wrong with having some standards, but they shouldn't be TOO high. No lady is perfect, even the best ones have their flaws - slutty personality, narcissism, small tits/ass, loose, etc.

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