I haven't masturbated for almost two years now.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Hey, I haven't been on this website in a long time, but I decided to come back to see what things are like.

    My problem started about 4 years ago, when I discovered masturbation while in the shower, not too long after I discovered porn.

    Eventually I got invested in religion and decided to stop. I initially tried an approach where I could only masturbate every other day, which didn't work. Then I decided to go "cold turkey" and decided not to masturbate at all.

    Although I had a rough start, I managed to completely stop around March or May 2018. By the time May ends this year I'll have gone two years without masturbating and without a porn addiction.

    Although it hasn't been anything life-changing, it did give me a boost in self confidence, and I think I've become a much better person in the process.

    Thanks NoFap for helping me through it all, I proably wouldn't have been as successful with my journey without you guys.
  2. Arbiter007

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    Wow, you are amazing man! That is super awesome that you recognized it soo early on!

    This story could be of some awesome encouragement to others on here, thank you for posting your status update!
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    Great to see how anyone has a different experience with long journeys! Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Much Ado About Nutting

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    Good for you!

    Do you have sex/orgasm with a girlfriend? If so, how do you avoid going back to MO after? I think my ideal is to have a girlfriend and have sex, sometimes without O to focus on the bonding experience, but also sometimes with O as well to enjoy it.

    I've been no porn for almost 9 months, but am going monk mode now. I've been able to do 30-70 days monk mode in the past but after 30 days the sexual energy burns hot and I seek release. What do you do when you have a ton of sexual energy?

    Lately I've avoided monk mode because I was worried about relapsing to porn because of the excessive sexual energy. And avoiding porn is my main goal. However I want to embrace this new challenge and really have the benefits of semen retention.

    Do you have any benefits with semen retention? It seems like you said it was nothing life changing?

    If/when you O, how do you avoid the chaser effect?
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    Thank you for sharing mate!
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  6. Welcome to the club mate! Congratulations!
  7. Arbiter007

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    Would you be willing to share your success story in a journal post maybe telling us a little more about how it started and why it stopped?
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    hope to be in that 500+ club soon. good shit.
  9. Well I don't really have a girlfriend yet, so I don't know what to tell you about that. But sometimes when I do find myself with some not-safe-for-work thoughts I tend to stare at a single object, usually focusing on that object can help get the sexual thoughts out of my head. To answer your question about semen retention, I haven't noticed any specific benefits, but that may just be me. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and good luck.
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  10. Could you tell us more about your nofap journey?
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