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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by RebootingProtestant, Oct 10, 2019.

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    So this is probably a goofy sounding question like I am probably really stupid for asking this, but is dry humping with 4 layers between me and my girlfriend risky as far as pregnancy goes??? ***(trigger warnings next)*** She likes to rub my thing right on hers so it feels good for both of us and I just gotta ask if this is a risk or not. I really love this girl and don't think getting her pregnant before we are married would be the best for us. Sorry for the silly question but it's killing me and I'm just hoping that she isn't pregnant.
  2. your good my friend. no way she can get your seed unless its penetration
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  3. Well that's not quite true, because if semen gets on the skin near the vicinity of the you-know-what it can make its way inside.

    Dry humping with four layers of clothes isn't going to result in pregnancy I'm pretty sure. Maybe friction burns or something might happen though.
  4. No risk of anything, with what you are describing. Have you thought about oral sex? No risk of pregnancy there.
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    Use condom maybe?
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  6. Dry humping ... just curious how long you plan to sustain this plan. It’s a step to having sex.

    You are trying to technically not have sex which is admirable.

    I’d encourage you and girlfriend to discuss what your “boundaries” are going to be. Do so soon. Dry humping is a faster way to sex because it means you are trying to ignore your sexual behavior through silence.

    open up. If you want to remain virgins or at least no sexual contact — just agree on your goal — then make a strategy.
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    Mate, you say that you're a Protestant. Fornication is a sin.
  8. Yeah technically he’s not fornicating but he is spiritually.
  9. Well, you know what’s written “he who has never sinned, let him cast the first stone”.
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    I'm not casting a stone. I'm telling him that he is committing sin. I would like it if someone did the same for me.

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