I just couldn't get it up and now depressed.

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    Hey nofappers, I'm new here and the title says it all. I'm a 29 year old male and have been addicted to pmo for a while since my mid teenage years. Well last night I tried to have sex for the first time with this 42 year old hot woman ( with a perfect body) and I just could not get an erection for the life of me. We kissed, felt up on each other and everything but no intercourse. She was nice about it and said "don't beat yourself up it happens".

    But that didn't make me feel any better. I drove home that night in complete shame. I could barely sleep that night as it was all I could think about. Today at work ( I work retail) My mind was all over the place hard to stay focused on any task, I didn't even eat today because my appetite is gone. All I want to do is forget about that night. I'm currently on day 10 of nofap. I've had long streaks my longest of 104 days which I know for certain I will pass because that incident was a huge wake up call and has left me somewhat traumatized. I will never watch porn or masturbate ever again! I'm going hard mode for at least the next 100 days so I hope that this helps my pied. Right now my confidence and self esteem is at an all time low, lowest its ever been in my life. I'm almost in tears as I write this message.

    Will I ever get passed this depression? I hope its temporary. I'm in need of support.
    Thanks Nofap family.
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    I had a similar experience where I quit all PMO cold turkey and tried to have sex with a woman about 5 days later. It was humiliating and I was freaking out the next few days. I got things working again with a woman in about 25 days but I could not have sex using a condom. Give it time and do other things to take care of your woman's needs to bring her to orgasm.
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    Hay same thing happened to me about three weeks back, I was with a woman I was seeing. We got to the bedroom, a lot of intimacy. Then when it came to it what erection I did have (and it was nothing to be proud about) didn't hang around. Afterwards I felt like crap, thought that's it for me.

    Looking into Nofap and knowing about endorphin, rewiring the brain, grip of death gave me a lot of hope. It's shown me that I can fix the problem. I'm 41 and fapped to porn for may years, I have tired to get off it before but deep down I still wanted it. Now knowing the damage I have done to myself with it, I detest porn. Somehow I have turned feeling down and defeated into determination.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to let my brain reboot/rewire for the next 100 days or so and will try to not even think about women. I really do hope this is temporary and that I will be able to have a healthy sex life. Its going to take me a while to get passed this mental tragedy of what happened a few nights ago.
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  5. I was not able to maintain an erection with my wife. That has been my huge wake-up call. I am not going back to that life of P and M (fantasy).

    It got to the point where I realized that I was barely attracted to an actual woman, but a billboard with a scantily clad workout model did turn me on. Ugh. That has since passed, and I consider it a good thing that I find women attractive again. I have not had sex with my wife in a while (she knows what I doing with nofap), and don't intend to until at least 30 days are up. I don't want that experience to be repeated.
  6. Hi,

    I remember my first sexual experience was with an older woman and I could not get fully hard. I thought it was because of condoms. We fucked for ages in all sorts of positions but I could not get fully hard or cum. I didn't know at the time that it was form PMOing.

    My advice is to only have sex with a woman you truly love. There are other ways to please her other than a hard cock. Using your mouth on her or an emotional connection. All I know from my personal experience is that sleeping around and PMOing is not good for overall well being.

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