I just keep on wanting to watch it.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by C04DR3D, Sep 21, 2020.

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    I’m going on a streak for about a week now and I just miss watching all those hot, sexy girls in the videos. I had sex twice this weekend and I keep on wanting to watch porn. What’s wrong with me? Is it a bad idea going back to it? I’m kinda confused as to what to do. Should I watch a little? Should I just quit for good? Will it be that bad if i view it less often than I was before?
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  2. Timecop

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    Chaser effect.

    Only you can know that. What does abstaining from PMO gives you?

    I firmly believe that someone who is addicted to anything can't consume it with moderation or he/she will go down the rabbit hole.
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    I personally think that porn is a waste of time. So everyone benefits from avoiding it.

    But don’t stress too much over it. Wanting to watch porn is a normal desire, just try and remember the reasons you want to stop and remind yourself that you actually don’t need it to survive.
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    First thing that came to mind seeing the title was "ok, it's understandable. People watch pornography because it feels good.". Thing is feeling good and being actually good for people isn't the same. It isn't nice since pornography is degrading and unhelpful to people. Might be many thoughts arguing with that fact, that is rationalisation which doesn't make you a bad person just a person. One my head said and I hear people say sometimes is "it's helping them by giving them a job". I'm not here to argue just I would question my mind on these things. I never did question my mind in active addiction, it was not convenient to do so :)
    But I knew inside as clearly as anyone does that it wasn't nice or helpful. That's a big part of why I didn't feel good about it. This is a bit of a retired to admit because it keeps it from being a moral thing more a practical thing of how to be truly happy, in a wide and sustainable sense. I have found I am happier sober than drunk which is saying something :)
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