i just relapsed after 75 days and man it hurts

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by getmylifeback101, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. getmylifeback101

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    i just relapsed after 75 days i dont know wht had happened after watching fifty shades freed i just wait straight to my laptop and thts where it happened i feel so bad
  2. zeekland

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    Why feel bad? 75 days down and a hard lesson learned, I would say you have something to be happy about.
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  3. Yeah, give yourself a break. 75 days is a lot. You need a few setbacks to experience the disappointment of relapse to get at it again – only now you're twice as determined to reach your goal. Whatever that may be.
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  4. The worst thing you can do is give yourself shit for relapsing after 75 days. You're human man we've all been there. 75 days is tremendous progress just remember that. Be mindful of the chaser effect! keep going. Good luck
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  5. ? ? ?

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    Some progress is better than no progress and you my friend have done a great job so far . . .

    shoot for 90 next time !
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  6. g2stop

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    The worst thing is to binge out of guilt. Get back on it
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  7. Same, man. Just relapsed twice in a row after a 66 day streak. It sucks, but we've got to keep trying.

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