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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deadpool98, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Deadpool98

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    I reseted today i didn't PMO for the past 9 days. I thought i could beat this addiction this time but it was a lie i told myself cause i failed again. I usually have the urge to PMO when i get up in the morning so i usually don't have my phone when i go to sleep. But when i do have it i end up watching P. I usually observed my reset always happen when i start watching some nfsw pics and in the end i watch P. I want to know if there is any routine or a schedule or any method you guys follow to avoid from watching P. How do you guys abstain yourself when you get the urge ?? For me it is tough to control it so i end up watching some nsfw pics to satisfy myself but that in the end results in a reset.
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    DONT GIVE UP! i was always taught that when your fighting the battle its too late to win, meaning the way to beat pmo is not take that first step. dont let yourself look at the nsfw picture bc it leads to pmo. and if you know that urges are worse in the morning, make sure your not available in the morning. win the battle by not having the battle. thats what i learned. good luck and reach out if you need support!
  3. Mostly I just do what you do with your phone. Avoid the things that bring it on. I don't turn on the television much, I stay away from certain subreddits, and I try to stay busy with some other activities. Whenever I'm at a time when I feel I might have an urge, I'll do some exercises like take a brisk walk, do squats, toss a ball around. Makes me feel better and gives me something to focus on. I use to try reading, but it doesn't work as well. It's too slow and if the literature is boring it will make things worse
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    @attempt45001 @HumanFurniture thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely try the exercise and to stop watching nsfw too. I blocked reddit and Twitter also i use family friendly dns. I will block YouTube too if that's what it takes to beat this addiction.
  5. Feelslikezoom23

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    I see a little clue in your reset..... stop watching nfsw picks, where it all starts
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    Why do you say "lie" ? You just made a mistake. We all do. This only thing that matter is not to give up. Maybe this time was the last you watched P, maybe it's not but in any case you are making progress. Tell yourself you will do anything for this time to be the last. If it's too hard, then be less ambitious: try to be PMO free for some times like 30 days for instance.

    Ok so you know one trigger. This is good to be aware of it and you are :). Now it appears that it's not enough to get rid of your phone during the night. So try something else. Try to get up early and schedule your morning. Don't stay in your bed once the bell is ringing !

    So don't ever look at those pics. You know it makes you weak. (I know it's easy to say, but eventually you must do it otherwise you will reset again and again !)

    Praying, cold shower work well or push up. If you can't (especially cold shower since you have to be home), then go immediately in a room with other people. The thing with urge is that it eventually go away !

    Don't satisfy yourself with those pics. Trust me I know this. You must not deal with P addiction. Abstaining is hard and you must accept it as it is, not trying to make it easier by looking at any kind of soft P. I usually reset for this reason : allowing myself some soft P (looking at beautiful pics, not even naked). So don't try to get any satisfaction from this because it only makes you reset.

    Good luck bro, stay strong. Since you are trying, you have to keep faith. If you try again and again to do your best, I'm sure that you will eventually succeed !
  7. Deadpool98

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    It is true i should stop seeing nsfw pics. But it is so hard to not peak. But i will try better this time.
  8. Take it seriously or take your word back! Yare Yare Daze...
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  9. Deadpool98

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    Thank you haddock for your suggestion i'm happy that you actually took your time and gave me your suggestion so detailed. I definitely will be changing some things in my next streak :)
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  10. Deadpool98

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    My hero is back!!!!! Can i take you instead of taking my word back??
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  11. Of course! If you need help and are ready to keep fighting then I will always help you.
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  12. Deadpool98

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    I meant take you in the sense how you would take a cake and eat it. I would never dream of fighting you my hero ;)
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  13. It's not a lie. You failed but that doesn't mean you lied.
    Back in the days when I told myself "this time I will win" that was a lie. Why ? because I wasn't serious. I wasn't ready to let go forever. So I just tried to come as far as possible but not let go completly.
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  14. I mean helping you ^^"
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  15. 1. The urges become weaker stronger you get. Furthermore the urges get also weaker with each day you abstain.
    2. Sometimes there are "strong/normal" urges but we can fight them because we know yourselfes and every part of our body wants to fight those without any mercy. Attitude is way more important and useful than just motivation because attitude stays and grows but motivation goes away so you need to refill your mind with it.
    At least thats how I do it. I can't waste years of my life fighting this "addiction". If I want to end it I got to ber serious about it.
  16. If I would watch Nsfw pictures I would relapse after a day. There is no magic behind it. You know can cause an relapse so you know what to do and how to avoid. It's not like there is no option. It's up to you to understand yourself and what works best for you.
  17. Don't waste your willpower on fighting a battle you can easily avoid. She is right.
  18. Feelslikezoom23

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    You want to peak because you have nothing better to peak at. Go out and get the real thing my man, then you will have live peaking shows every night
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    How do you guys abstain yourself when you get the urge ?? For me it is tough to control it so i end up watching some nsfw pics to satisfy myself but that in the end results in a reset."

    I had the same problem, i understood what happens, I tried to look at the "triggers", i just start with random pics and then just loose it.

    It the satisfaction that your Thinking mind gets by viewing. There is a pattern already set, the sub-conscious mind knows it is a "well worn out path" and the thinking mind knows that pleasure awaits so the simple answer is "awareness" but i always have failed so i get back and try again.

    each time wiser, its not strength but wisdom which will get you across.

    best of luck
  20. Deadpool98

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    I would but I'm still studying and most of the time i spend studying so i barely meet new people. I'm just waiting for my studies to end so i can get a job and start my life till then i will have to abstain myself from relationship because that would be a distraction.
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