I keep getting blue balls with my girlfriend :(

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by JSeattle, Jan 8, 2018.

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    So I quit porn and masturbating on December 26th. I had sex three times since then but only ejaculated two times (December 31st and January 1st) So I haven't had an orgasm in one week. I really want to feel all the benefits of no PMO so I told my girlfriend, I would like to keep from climaxing for a while. She's a little discouraged as she says it makes it better for her when I finish but she is respectful about my decision.

    We've had sex twice in the past week and I have been good about not finishing. I get close...but I stop before it happens. Problem I get the dreaded blue balls sensation. Really bad aching in my testicles. It got so bad Saturday night while out at a brewery with some friends that I had to go outside and get some are and sit down. I kept telling my friends my back was killing me. Although my girlfriend new what the actual issue was. Haha.

    Just curious on how you guys deal with blue balls? Does it go away if you practice not climaxing for a while? I have to admit, if blue balls continues, I may just have to give up sex entirely for 90 days but I really do not want to. I still enjoy it greatly even without ejaculating.


  2. It will fade each time I think. You can dispurse the excess blood by massaging your perineum. Not masturbation. And push between your navel and pubic bone a few times should loosen it up. Or a hot bath. Or be patient and the achey goes away. I know it can be uncomfortable. But you don’t have to cum really. You can do this.
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    You're a better man than I. I woulda taken care 'o bidnizz!
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    I had some really bad pain on Saturday from not climaxing. The medical articles I looked up suggested ice (not heat) in the groin region (not directly to the testicles, that may cause damage go above, below or beside the genitals, where the blood vessels are), stretching the big muscles in the body to divert blood flow, maybe ibuprofen, but really, time or ejaculation are the best methods. I went with ice, manspreading, and several episodes of Scrubs and felt better in a couple hours.

    Also be aware that if the pain is bad enough you can't walk or are having tunnel vision or it's actually slowing your breathing, you probably have a testicular torsion, and you should get to a hospital as fast as you can or you may lose a testicle. This is more common between 12 and 16 years old, but can happen at any age.
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    I dont agree at all, cold water or ice in the junk area will constrict everything, including seminal ducts wich in turn will cause more pain. If you dont want to ejaculate during sex and not feel bad symthoms afterwards dont strech ur session more than 30 min. Sex without climax is like edging....ur body gets prepared to ejaculate but u dont do it, so normaly extra fluids will exist wich will take time to reabsorb.

    I wonder what i would do if i had a girl to have sex with:^

    Altho there are books outthere about non ejaculatory orgasms in man and other stuff, I start to believe u simply cant have both worlds. I mean you can but you wont get the 'good stuff' from either one.
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    That sounds like some raw withdrawal mayne, remember that a flying superman can only hit an assist every other day and she'll soon be tinkling yr ivories.
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    Be veeery careful of having sex and not cumming. It can be damaging I heard. It takes knowledge to practice.
    I have had it both ways - not coming and feel good and not coming and feeling tension.
    With regular gf, you better come, what is the problem?
    There are benefits of no PM, why also no O, when you have sex?
    Start simple, allow O every other session. And at the times I had no O during sex, it was natural, she was happy I was exhausted and happy too.
    Dont pressure it.
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    Take it up with the docs that wrote the articles.
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    Curious as to why you chose to go hard mode...

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