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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by pranav02, Jan 27, 2018.

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    Ok so after a good streak, I got to 3 weeks, then a week, then 2 weeks and a week and now I'm back where I was. It's always reddit and I have K9 but I go into superviser mode all the time, it starts slow and then next thing you know, I'm on NSFW411 looking for weird shit. I deactivated FB, Insta and other social medias but somehow, I keep feeling depressed without the Internet. I need it for study at times too but I wanna be free at the same time. I seem to forget what it feels like every time I relapse.

    Moreover, I don't have that sense of achievement of doing NoFap as I used to before. It feels useless although I know it isn't. What is wrong with me? :(
  2. Prashanna

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    What is the purpose of your nofap? Are you having ED? Or you simply want to be a 'good boy'?
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    What you are feeling is the definition of addiction. It normal. Your brain want it's fix, so it create urges. Like working out, your muscles get stronger as you lift weights, your drains need for pmo gets stronger as you do it more. Decide to stop, than develop your plan on when urges happen what are you going to do. Turn off the computer go for a walk. If you have to use it for study, do it in a public wide open place. Have some one else put the password in for you. Stay diligent, understand your triggers, work your plan.
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  4. pranav02

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    I wanna get rid of all the addictions I have. I'm 15 mate, I don't have ED :)
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