I know of a robbery that's going to happen (WWYD?)

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  1. Tell coworker A

  2. Stay in your lane

  3. Join coworker B

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  1. So this is kinda random and insignificant for me rn. I just wanted to share to see how others would react (in case you were bored).

    For the people of nofap who remember (doubt anybody would) one of my posts from about a year ago about a coworker that I hung out with and it was mad boring. And he made me feel guilty about leaving early and was annoyingly hitting me up. You all said not to hangout w him if I didn't want to, and I didnt. Everything turned out fine btw. Blah blah blah..

    That man (Coworker A) is going to get robbed tomorrow. I got off work and went to the gas station and saw my other coworker (Coworker B) there (which is currently homeless bc his parents kicked him out btw).

    Also, he told me that him and this other guy are going to rob the first coworker I was talking about. I didn't believe him at first but he explained his plan in full detail (where his safe is, where he lives, etc). He got everything spot on, bc I visited him that one time before. He even invited me to get in on it, but I laughed and declined. I laughed bc I don't do that the other people and also Im not really desperate. Also I'm kinda not into it. My life is literally, workout/train, do some school work, hang out, go to work, chill w friends/chores, sleep. I don't necessarily want a reason for the police to bother me anyways or to get a felony criminal record going for little to no reason. Also this coworker A hasn't really done anything to me to deserve this. He people alot, but doesn't effect me.

    The plan is when coworker A is at work (I'll be at work w him at that time), coworker B will be going in and taking the entire safe. Would you tell coworker A, stay out of it completely, or join coworker B?

    The safe contains several ounces of weed, scale, rolling papers, and cash saved up. Their plan is to take the cash and sell/smoke the weed.

    I already made me mind up. I would 100% stay out of it completely. I don't rob people like that. And this confirmed my theory that pretty much nobody can be trusted. Gotta keep your grass cut, there's some snakes:emoji_snake:.

    But yeah, it's really none of my buisness or my concern.
  2. Part of me understands why you want to stay out of it. If word got out you told co-worker A, co-worker B and his friend may pose a potentially dangerous problem, especially if these guys are part of a gang or at least have folks to "avenge" them.

    But knowing a crime is going to be committed, a crime in which somebody will be a victim (co-worker A), and choosing to not do anything about it reeks of dishonor and immorality.

    As for the vote, I'm torn between telling co-worker A and staying in your lane.
  3. Bit of a generalization, eh?
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  4. Maybe they were bluffing and all that...
    My point is that do you have evidence to prove it to the guy that'll be robbed?
    Because if you go and tell him, and he fronts the duo and they refuse and then say you are wanting a discord started! How will you defend yourself?
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  5. bingo.. that, and its none of my buisness
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  6. im not nervous of them coming after me if i snitched lol

    im not laughing at you, you never met these guys. the dude is in high school and just some kid. hes harmless.

    the only thing is that theres a possibility he may not go through w it. so its suspect if i mention it. i think staying in my lane and focusing on my work is the best option
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  7. Agree with you
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  8. Moon Shot

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    Good for you, @wethebest. You are in a dilemma... But it looks like you found a soln. All the best. LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

    I don't know. I disagree. This is a very fishy ploy and I think everything said or done should be taken with a grain of salt. I think @wethebest is right about doubting everyone. Maybe he's the actual target. You never can know. But I agree with you on the decision being between telling A and staying in the lane, looks like he's already decided. Please let us know what went down, this concerns me in the sense I'm interested. It's not about Coworker A bitching. No one deserves to be robbed... that should not be looked upon as a personal favour, but rather a moral obligation. Trust your gut. @MuscularSherlockHolmes brought up the point that it may just be a facade. I think that's a possibility.
  9. I would tell the authorities about the planned robbery so if it happened they would have clear suspects.

    Looks like a lot of people here have an issue with the golden rule.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

    If we were to take Edmund Burke’s quote in today’s language it would read “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to stay in their lane”.

    Oh I know most of you will protest with “but...but what if they’re just joking?” Well clearly the OP doesn’t believe that they are or else he wouldn’t have made this thread in the first place; plus no one who jokes about something bothers to create a plan.
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    I like your suggestion, @Ephesians 6:11... But @wethebest hasn't given that option in the poll. Maybe there's a reason behind it? The authorities, as History will show, have not always served Justice. The balls in his court. It's up to him to take the risk...
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  12. If you are not worried about retaliation, i would tell the tell the coworker for sure. The guy needs to know that hes about to be robbed so he can take precautions.
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  13. MLMVSS

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    From a similar thread that was posted about a boss and their cheating affair, some may think I’d tell Coworker A.

    But, no. This time I’ll just completely stay out of it, frankly because anything involving drugs will get dirty, fast. And, idk if weed is legal where you live or not, but I still don’t want to get involved with the police on either side.
  14. I'll let you know what happens. What's weird is coworker A invited me over and literally showed me where he keeps everything. You could just take the safe and run.

    Coworker B's friend was very at his house too, that's how they know where the safe is hidden and everything about the layout
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  15. @Ephesians 6:11 @MLMVSS

    Weed is illegal here. If I were to go to the police what would they say? They can't do anything until the crime has been committed. Also, coworker A will be prosecuted. We aren't talking a dime bag here. We are talking ounces of weed, that's a felony. They can't just ignore that much weed. And with a scale that's forsure intention to sell, he'll do jail time.

    Also there's a distinct difference between snitching to the guy and to the police. That's a line I won't cross.

    Mainly bc about 5 years ago I went to the police for help, and I'll never make that mistake again.. If there's a problem I will (and do) handle it on my own.

    Perhaps that's another story for another thread..
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  16. Moon Shot

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    @wethebest, I agree with @MLMVSS on this. I think you best stay in your own lane, but what you do is up to you. All the best, I guess...
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  17. Ecco

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    How about a change of environment with people who don't do this kind of shit?
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  19. Brah!
    I'll be real with you...
    Police serve the mighty...
    And the guy who sold him that drug is surely pals with some of the cops...
    Plus the way you say they showed you the stuff and all that... Sounds pretty fishy to me...
    Maybe they want something from you... What'll they get from doing something with you and this business is what you should be focusing on...
    And as for good man do nothing quotes... They are with utopian pov... And anything involving utopian pov needs to be taken with a grain of salt...
    It could get ugly soon enough... Better ask somebody close to you and with some real world experience for advice...
    The guys here can't help you...

    I personally think the whole situation sounds too good and too crafty to be anything but a simple ruse to get you to do something that'll benefit these guys...

    Stay Vigilant...
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  20. Moon Shot

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    Exactly what I'm trying to say... Agreed. We can't help you without actually knowing the terrain. I like the detective's idea of consulting someone close and you can trust. Best stay away is all we can say. Heh, maybe as @Ecco said, get out of that neighbourhood... it's all up to you, bro :)
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