I know of a robbery that's going to happen (WWYD?)

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  1. Tell coworker A

  2. Stay in your lane

  3. Join coworker B

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  1. @MuscularSherlockHolmes @Moon Shot

    I wasn't really asking for advice. Keep in mind I'm not stressed or worried about this whatsoever. It was just a situation that happened. And wanted to see how people would react. I'm gonna do what I've always done in any situation in real life and.. Stay. In. My. Lane

    Heres, briefly, what happened.

    1) Coworker A invited me over to his house about a year ago, and I smoked weed and drank with him. He showed me his safe and whatnot. Then I left and didn't chill w him again.

    2) Fast forward around year later (now), coworker B's friend did the same I did in #1. Coworker B told ME him and his buddy are going to steal the safe when coworker A is at work (I will be at work the same time)

    3) Coworker B invited me to get in on it, I declined.

    4)I made this post.

    The thing is that coworker A and B are not my friends. They are just coworkers. Coworker B is home less and always asks everybody for money. I gave him $10, he's not gonna pay me back so I said fuck em.

    If by any means, either one of them were to "come after me" for some reason, it wouldn't effect me at all. These are not dangerous or threatening people. They're just idiots. Especially coworker B, he's a moron. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happened. I'll lyk know
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  2. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    Telling the person about to get robbed about it would obviously be the right thing to do.

    Would I do that? It honestly depends on a lot of factors, how much damage it would do to the victim versus how much trouble telling could get me into and also depending on how I felt about the robber.

    Join in the robbery? Lol (literally), what the hell?
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  3. While it’s good to have that additional information, I still stand by my original recommendation for three reasons:
    1. Of course the cops aren’t going to do anything until afte the face which is why I said “if the robbery happens”
    2. I’m sure the people robbing him aren’t above also taking his marijuana, since it would just make more sense to take any cash and drugs as well because profit profit profit
    3. Something is botched in the robbery attempt and someone gets seriously hurt.
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  4. I'm not buying that. I think you feel guilty and like you should tell. Otherwise why are you even asking? If you've already made up your mind, you would just move on with your life.
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  5. Also, where's the "call the cops" option?
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  6. Idk if you read the posts above at all. But it's a what would you do, for boredom purposes. I feel far far from guilty. Why on earth would I feel guilty? I'm just some guy hanging out.

    If anything I'm just sitting back taking notes of who I can trust or who I can't.
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  7. That would be a really bad idea for the reasons listed above, if you take the time to read the multiple explanations above
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  8. How did the coversation even start though? Because if somebody started talking drugs or something like potentially robbing someone, I'd immediately cut them off and tell them I'm not interested in hearing any of it.

    Once you go along with it and hear their full story and bloody plan, essentially you are responsible and liable for whatever happens to that person.
  9. Nah, I'm good.
  10. Exactly
  11. Yeah, alright. Perhaps commenting on posts w/o knowing anything about the issue isn't the best course of action.

    Theres always more that meets the eye. But is cool, do you girl.
  12. He's a kid. Today he came up to me saying "I shoplifted alot of things from target".

    He's comes up to me all the time at work and says "I got sooo high last night dude"

    Am i to call the cops every single time he talks or am I responsible for his actions for what he says.

    He's not talking about commiting danger unto him, just theft. He's a naive kid, kinda dumb. That's all.
  13. Labeling him as a "dumb kid" for committing any crime is stupid, and considering he's constantly comming up and telling you this stuff he has issues. I don't care if somebody is "just a kid" either, as he's certainly old enough to be aware of his own actions, and while I never said calling the cops he definitely needs to be dealt with.

    But yeah, you are responsible in a way because he tells you this shit and you're okay with it. Just because he's not physically hurting someone he's still breaking the bloody law.
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  14. Stupid shit like this seems to be a reoccurring theme with you @wethebest. You should change your environment. Look for greener pastures, and by that I don’t mean weed.
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  15. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Hmmm... Good point, @Sarah W. What course of action would you suggest? Tell Coworker A? Or something else? Is it not better to play it safe and mind your own business? Do you value moral righteousness over the rik of spending time? I just want to be clear; I'm asking questions is all.

    Things are going to get dirty real quick, with drugs involved as MLMVSS says. IMHO, I don't think it's wise at all to consult the authorities, @Ephesians 6:11. Your concerns are legitimate, but what can they do? After the potential bodily harm occurs ('if the robbery happens'), what can they do? You are entitled to your opinion and in an ideal world, this is the wisest choice. But we are not in an ideal world. As @MLMVSS says,

    In light of new views, I am still confused between telling Coworker A and staying in your lane. He does deserve to know, but are there any risks? Look, we can't do anything but discuss, so I would like some enlightenment.

    Good day, all.
  16. To be honest I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place, as I purposely avoid this stuff like the plague. But on the off chance it happened and was told about the robbery plan, I think I'd straight up tell worker A the whole story and say to just keep a close eye on worker B and his belongings incase the threat was real.

    But I don't care who it is if somebody was comming to me and saying he stole from stores and stuff, I would probably go to the fuzz for that.
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  17. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Even with the chance that that 'somebody' is dangerous? You value morals over your life?
  18. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    The best thing, @wethebest, is get out of that neighbourhood, lol. I'm just giving some unsolicited advice.
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  19. Well technically you're already involved on one side, and well if something goes sideways or whatever he could easily say you told him to rob it or some bs like that, making you potentially worse off than if you had told him first. Who knows as each thing could play differently depending on the circumstances, but what I do know is I'm great and not getting involved in shady stuff and I live in a decent enough area. lol

    Oh, and the part about going to the police, is if I didn't know he was dealing drugs or anything related, because if somebody was just telling me they commit crimes I would probably go otherwise no.
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  20. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Ha, fair enough. I change my vote! :/ Doesn't matter anyways. :p

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