I know this is probably stupid but... how to post to 7-day challenge?

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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make my first post. I don't see any buttons or options to post to the 7-day challenge forum. The closest thing I see is "reply" on each post that already exists. Am I supposed to reply to the first post that explains the challenge and invites people to join? That seems unlikely because hitting reply quotes the original message and that doesn't make sense to me as a default behavior (I don't see anyone quoting the first post in their posts). Does everyone just have to erase the quoted text when they don't want it to be included (every time)? Surely I am missing something here! Thanks, sorry so stupid!
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    At the end of any thread there's an empty box with your profile picture next to it. In greyed out text it says "Write your reply...". All you do is write in there and then click on the "Post Reply" button when you are done.
  3. Wow, I don't know how I missed that! :oops: Maybe it's because I didn't sleep last night - that'll be my official excuse. ;)
    I appreciate the help and I'm very encouraged by how active people are here. I'll be sticking around! :D


    The things that can be done with the internet and other modern technologies still amaze me sometimes. I remember when (warning: I'm putting on my "geezer hat") there was no internet! (Really, Grandpa?) Yes, no internet, no smartphones, nor even basic cellular phones! All of that was yet to come... I was always a geek, started programming in basic at age 13, but I still didn't see any of this coming! Yikes, waxing nostalgic here. Nothing to do with nofap, but at least it's keeping me from faping right now! :)

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