I like General Semantics because it doesn't involve watching pornography

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    Hello elven folk of Nyrnwood,

    I just found something quite interesting, It is a cosnciousness development system based on cognitive science, which you may or may not find interesting and useful for raising the quality of your being.

    It is defined as

    "...a popular, practical discipline that applies modern scientific thinking toward the solution of personal and professional problems.
    Through the application of general semantics ideas and principles, general semantics brings about clearer thinking, peaceful interaction, and greater sanity to one’s life. General semantics has served as the foundation for numerous approaches to human problems with its unique applications adapted from modern science."


    Anyway, to make the long story short, the basic idea is that one can improve his/her ability to process information and thereby substantially improve the quality of being and this system purports to be designed for precisely that purpose.
    It is very interesting and seems very useful so I decided to share it with you because you are the only friends I know.

    Here is a good video presentation of a core concept:


    Bonne route!

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