I looked up cute girl nudes on google images but didn't fap, shall I reset?

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  1. Im currently on my 2nd week of NoFap but I did something despicable, I looked at nudes of cute girls on google images purposely for half an hour. Although I resisted the urge to fap to any of them, I still felt like absolute shit and still feel like it now, I can't even look at myself in the mirror and the next morning (which is today) I feel at a loss of energy, I literally feel like a slob which is weird. Im not sure if its guilt or my brain rewiring back to my porn addicted pathway. One question thats been on my mind since last night was "shall I reset?" I haven't got a straight awnser from anyone, I dont want to fap and I don't want to reset. What should I do? Im not looking for an excuse to reset cause i dont want to fap at all. Infact I looked at images of girls on google images mainly anime hentai a few times since I started my nofap.

    Now Im have fatigue, confusing bowels, collarbone aches and my neck feels stiff and pushed in off my head, I'm so depress that I dont even feel like life is worth living anymore, its a little mellow dramatic but thats how I feel at the moment cause I already have high frequency hearing loss which makes this battle an ever harder one for me.
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  2. Everyone has different goals, so it really depends on that I guess.

    Some peoples goals are just to not masturbate, while some others goals involve anything to do with PMO at all. If it's the latter for you, then sorry, but you're going to have to restart. Porn is porn my friend. Just see it as a learning curve and don't beat yourself up. We're not perfect.

    You honestly stated that it wasn't an accident and that you viewed it on purpose, so it's a reset I'm afraid.
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  3. Temujin

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    I agree that it is a personal call and depends on your aims and objectives with NoFap.
  4. I don't really have any goals, I just heard about nofap on youtube 3 weeks ago and thought about it for a week before I was set on it after finding out it was the root to all my problems, now I'm on my second week on nofap but it was a struggle trying to not even look at images on google, nothing softcore or hardcore. Just nudes and 2d anime girls, it became my porn substitute before I even knew it. But I'm not going to pretend that I didn't look through them on purpose. If I had any goals, I'd say I just want to stop fapping and watching porn and I dont want to fap right now, Im trying to see what experience fapstronauts think about my situation, is it really worth it reseting over looking at nude images? I'm positive that I will not look at images again cause I disabled any form of pornography on my laptop and phone. I'm a recovering as a man in every way possible and I want to change my life but its always 2 steps forward and one step back for me.
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  5. Temujin

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    If you never give up you will get there. Its all just a matter of time.
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    I looked up "I looked up cute girl nudes..."-threat on NoFap bc it triggered me but I will not reset my counter.

    Zein Hamad, we both have resisted to fap for about the same time. When I was in the first week I also looked at nudes. Please don't reset your counter! You did a great job! You struggled so you may pat yourself on the shoulder now. But it won't get easier from now on so we have to be prepared.

    Of course you should avoid looking up stuff like that! It's the first step to pmo! Even if you are able to keep it on that level it will absorb your energy and slow your NoFap-progress, imho.
    I think that's the reason why many ppl here have additional counters for porn subs.

    I think in this progress we become more and more aware of the mechanics of our lust and addiction.
    As I said, I looked in this thread because it contained the words "cute girls nude". It was like a magnet. Also images even without the slightest reference to nudity, eroticism or sex can cause disturbance in me.
    I try to avoid the triggers not only bc of the danger of relapse but also bc I need to reset that kind of reaction.

    I hope you can defeat those urges all together. Good luck!
  7. Icyweb

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    This is a big part of your problem. You will never reach your goals if you don't have any. Sit back and consider why you're quitting, and then resolve to stick to your goals that you mentioned earlier.
    If by reset you mean go back to pmo, even once, then you're right to not want to do that. Some people have different counters set up. One tracks how long since masturbating, the other how long since looking at porn, etc...
    If I did what you did, I would probably count it as a full reset, since by getting an erection looking at the porn, you likely experienced some stimulation, especially if there was rubbing on fabric or with your hands.
    You shouldn't let yourself feel too down about it though. You looked at porn, but you could have looked at worse stuff. You likely masturbated, but you didn't go all out. You learned from this, and now you've disabled porn on your laptop and phone.
    If you keep getting back up when you fall, and trying your hardest, you will learn how to keep taking steps forward.
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  8. Set your goals because if you don't do it, you have no way of telling where are you going and when you get there...

    This applies for everything in life...

    (I know it is hard, I have been there... and everybody who have every to try to achieve something great, was there too).

    To those nude pictures...

    There are many who are saying that the main problem with PMO addiction is the PLASTICITY OF YOUR BRAIN.

    As I understand it:

    You PMO and certain circuits in your brain are being activated. Because your brain is motivated by pleasure, that circle will be repeated and so the brain circuit will grow stronger.

    The problem with PMO is that you may end up just with that addiction circuit in your brain and nothing else.

    Now, if you have been watching porn, you have been encouraging the addiction circuit in your brain to grow stronger.

    To reset the counter or not to reset the counter?

    Well, It does not matter at the end because it is not about reaching certain number of days but about getting rid of the addiction for the rest of your life...

    (I personally would but that is just my humble opinion)
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    Wish I never saw this headline!!
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  10. msa2388

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    Firstly PMO is not the root of your problems but most like the answer to your problems. It's a coping mechanism for tough things in life, and unfortunately it's an unhealthy one that can wreck your sexual and mental health. I'd say yes technically it's a reset BUT you are making progress. You didn't lose as much progress as you would have if you had gone to full PMO. So don't beat yourself up too badly, it's a speed bump not a mountain and they happen.

    Dust yourself off, stay away from google images and go be a f*cking Spartan or lion or manly whatever the heck you get the point! Look at this as a lifestyle change. Think about the popular, charismatic in shape guy with a good looking girl clinging to your arm....that's you (not exaggerating we all can be that dude if we want to be)!!! Go be what you want to be in life, know that it's sitting at the end of this road you're on. Make life style changes, exercise, sleep good, clean up after yourself, have hobbies, go after your dream job. They are all just as much a part of this as staying away from P and MO.
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  11. Ambrose

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    You've hit a glitch but don't give in now. you will hit bumps but you have not undone all of your progress... which is why you are keeping track right? To know you are progressing.

    Keeping track of your # days can have the down side of sapping your determination if you keep going to 0 with every stumble. If you want to reset your counter maybe just take off a few days?

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