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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Edward Live, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Hey guys :(
    I started abstaining from PMO 9 days ago. I experienced wet dreams on my 6&7th day and on the eighth day I really tried hard, like real HARD not to masturbate after I watched porn. I also went jogging every morning since I started abstaining. Today the same scenario happened as yesterday night when I'm alone that I started watching porn and then the urge was too difficult to control. And thus I master bated today. :(
    I know I typically start watching porn at night when I sleep in my underwear and when I'm all alone. EVEN THOUGHT I KNOW that this leads to masturbating, I just can't help it and I think to myself that I will be able to control myself which is actually a lie. Guys I need advice as to what I can do to control my urges ONCE AND FOR ALL. Please don't tell me to remain busy as much as possible or to do push ups when you feel you're about to give in to the urge. What I need is REAL DETERMINATION, REASONS AND MOTIVATIONS TO STOP MASTURBATING ONCE AND FOR ALL!!
    I feel so depressed after I masturbate. I also feel the world is spinning around me.Thanks guys, :'( looking forward to your help so that I can stop it once and for all.
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    Try reading this post you made everytime you get the urge. Hopefully, reading what you wrote will remind you that you don't really want to masturbate because it makes you feel bad and it will help you resist the compulsion or warped drive that gets you all excited about wanking, but of course, it's a lie and wanking leaves you empty and miserable.
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    Thank you so much, never thought of that! Will do so! Wish me luck! :)
  4. Is it the masturbating that makes you feel bad or the porn causes you to masturbate? Masturbation is the reaction to the porn. Work to control the porn viewing and the masturbation will decrease. I always feel my Worst when I view porn. start there and the times you masturbate will decrease.
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    It's hard you essentially have to find out all the things that lead to masturbation and block them...for example if using your CPU alone leads to surfing which leads to porn which leads to masturbation then the only real solution is not use your CPU while you're alone ever ....only use it in a public place like Starbucks or the library so instead of thinking about not masturbating think about not using your computer while alone

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    @Journeyandfocus365 @Mikepalmer
    Yes definitely the problem is w/me being alone and starting to watch porn. What can I do to stop watching porn at night when I'm alone??
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    You sound like me. I get to the point of, "I'm just gonna look at this one woman and that is it," which then turns into a relapse. What works for me is that at about 11pm just before my younger bro goes to sleep and I ask him to hide my laptop and then take put it in the living room in the morning (he always wakes up before me). I also try and play PS4 with my friends in a party chat at night, you don't even need a party chat really. Reading is a good one, I finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Going to sleep earlier helps too. These are things that have helped me a bit, I still have a lot of room for improvement but it is a difficult process.
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    Yeah! That is it! I'll tell someone to take my mobile at night! Thank you do very much!
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