I Lost my Streak of 90 days but I am still not demotivated.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Abdul_abc, Jul 1, 2020.

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    I had started this Streak from April 1st 2020 and at day 71 I had relapsed and yesterday at day 91 I relapsed. Even though I lost a battle of 90 days but I not at all feeling sad or feeling guilty about it cause I experienced a new life, motivation, clarity of vision, better health and lots of other benifits. And my target is not only completing 90 day but to adopt sexual transmutation as a lifestyle. Indeed by using this energy in achieving your goals is far far better than pleasers of a few moments. I am still feeling energetic, strong and motivated cause this is for the first time in my life that I transmuted my sexual energy and experienced the benifits. I was addicted to prone masturbation since I was 9-10 years old and I thought it was impossible to not masturbate. Tons of thanks to nofap community and my friends who are very supportive and encouraging. Without your support it would have an impossible thing in my mind.

    Now let's come to my relapse story;
    When I started nofap challenge I was doing regular exercise (Push-ups and squats) and long walks, I also read something whether it is articles on LinkedIn, Quora or reading self improvement books. So I had a very good routine and even though I was using social media platforms on regular basis but it didn't derailed me as I was using them for right things. But the things which became the reason of my relapse are absence from nofap community and not doing physical exercise, and also my intention to give a Check to my election (yes, erections were strong) and it had been a long time of nofap so I don't feel drained even I masturbated twice yesterday .

    The conclusion of my post is that we should never be disappointed about relapses and should reward ourselves for combating this addiction even if we fail at some point but we should learn from our mistakes and continue it as the benifits are real and we can use this energy in other Great goals of our lives. And one thing more keeping ourselves connected with nofap community is very important for not loosing focus of our journey and staying inspired every day.
    I would love to see your experiences and advice about sexual transmutation .

    Thank you!
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    Keep it up bro!!!
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    Bro this is very normal, You were competing with number and the number itself sometimes is triggering. Many many people slip on day 91. Please don't feel bad, you have reached a great level. Get up again... New page... New start and Don't count the days ......makes the days count
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    Thanks for your story! I think I can made 90 days, but I'm afraid I can relapse shortly after. I'm grateful that I finally have a girlfriend and she is my motivation. Recently when I was on vacation with her I didn't look on other girls very often.
    As you said transmutation is very important, because I plan to start family and it will be a lot of effort. Second thing is natural contraception - taking responsibility for child, so you should limit sex only to infertile days of woman.

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