I lost myself and my virginity to an escort experience, now my heart is broken

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Sabishii, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. I understand that sucks man. I currently moved back home temporarily with parents and I understand those feelings. The escort thing yeah that sucks man, hopefully you will realize that it is not for you and wont get hooked on these escorts in the future. You dont need to tell your parents if you dont want to. I certainly wouldnt but its up to you. I dont know your relationship with them.

    Check out the book Psycho-cybernetics. It is a book about a surgeon who discovers truths about self image. Sounds like your road accident could be one of the factors that contributed to a negative self image. (Not a book selling plastic surgury btw) Give the first couple of chapters a go and see if it is for you.

    You seem smart and have a great future ahead of you though with your schooling. I'm not sure what you got a masters in but once you get a job and move out I think things will get much better for you.
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    I am feeling the withdrawal hard right now and I have been thinking about doing this escort thing today. I really don't want to do this either as I know this will not benefit my life in any positive way. I am shaking right now.
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    Just go out and socialize and those feeling should go away. Ifyou are alone the feeling will win. Good luck and keep trying buddy
  4. Withdraws after 7 days are pretty tough for me. I notice you are coming up on that. I just made it through that. It should get easier after a week. Just try to keep yourself occupied. If all else fails go outside. and try to just stay away from the computer. go for a walk somewhere.
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    I have personally never went to an escort. When I first had sex was a week away from 32 with a woman I met off a dating website. Spent three nights with her, have never been with a woman since.

    Here's a way to look at things. Many moons ago I lost my physical virginity to my own hand. Next I lost my physical virginity with a woman. I have yet to lose the virginity of my heart. While it's true one is better off waiting to find that person they connect with, jumping the gun is by no means the end of the world.

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