I lost the erections with real girls

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    Hello my dearest friends. Im from México. Actually I have 30 years old, I have the PMO adiction since the 16 years old when a cousin call me about the M. At that time, I had my first girlfriend. She was a really hot girl (she wasn´t a bombshell but she was very very hot and seductive, mainly in her attitude). Literally I was not able to have an O, and my cousin call me about M to last less in the bed, because my girlfriend felt frustraded for the situation. I started to M with frequiency and I started to view P. Then everything went to hell, my erections became weak, then literally I was not able to maintain erections or even have them. She cheated me with another man, I fell in depression and the problem got worse.

    Time after I started a relationship with another girl (at the 21 years old, she was my girlfriend for 3 years and after my wife for 3 years). She is really hot even now, but when she was young she was the body of a top model. I thought that since she was very sexy, I would not have to M or view P, but the problem never left. When I got married the problem got bigger, nights whitout sleep in front of the laptop, time lost and finally after she cheated me (whit another problems included, because that woman are a compulsive lier) I divorced from her. Recently I feel bether, I started to do exercise, focus in my goals, and searching my independence. I started to date a girl (younger than me, pretty and sexy) but when I touch her I dont have to do a erection, and this situation made me feel insecure and I finished the relation.

    Phisically I always have a ache in the penis and the testicles, as if they were very sensitive. The urologist has discard a lesson in the inside of the penis, and he think the ache is psychological. So, since 3 months ago I started to try with prostitutes (In my hometown the price is about 10 dlls for 20 minutes) but the problem is similar: difficulty for maintain the erection, ache in the penis after the sex and a guilty feeling after this.

    I feel that insecurity is not allowed me to start a relationship or find for casual meetings, but I need to lern about.
    Sometimes I feel desperate or sad because I want to meet women, I have improved a lot in my attractiveness and my personality, but I feel a lot of anguish for the physicality of keeping my erections.

    Somebody help me with his experience please.

    Sorry about my English
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    First you should stop watching pornography. Then I would advice you connect emotionally with the other person, that way the turn up should happen more naturaly. It's just what I think.
  3. You have had some bad experiences. Read and learn. Staying away from PMO is going to help you grow and start healing your mind so you are ready to be with someone. Start making your plan.

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