I Lost !!!

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Divyanshu Gautam, Nov 22, 2022.

  1. Thanks for your concern bro.
    I am finally coming out of it.
    It has been 18 days since I fapped.

    But wet dreams haunt me
    I need to work more on my lifestyle in reducing the foul dreams.
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  2. goodman520

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    Yea that bothered me as well. I guess we understand how annoying it is.
    What I did was to wake up quickly and get a cold shower (Don’t have to be very cold. Just cold enough to wake up the mind).
    It reminds me of a thing——Living consciously.
    Let's take back control of our life.
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  3. atomicdibbles

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    Nothing wrong with them. Part of recovery. Just be mindful since wet dreams can increase urges over next few days.
  4. You are right
    I am dominating the urges when I am awake
    But during sleep
    We don't have full control on our body.
    And this is scary

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