I lowered my standads and guess what happened

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  1. if u accidentally see porn u will get horny therefore you are not recovering much. u need sex to balance your chakras
  2. ShadyPerson

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    Amazing. Everything you just said is wrong.

    Look, if you want to keep getting the same results you've got so far, by all means keep doing the same shit you've done so far.

    I personally know many women who are nice people even though they seem to have little to no desire to fuck me. Before I had one incident that left my fragile teen self traumatized to the point where I no longer felt safe pursuing relationships with women, there was a short period of time when I used to be quite a ladies' man despite being a skinny, nerdy and funny looking insecure boy with severe acne. My secret? Idk, propably just not being a creepy wanker and having things like empathy, relatively positive mindset and a sense of humor, because tbh I have no idea what else anyone could have seen in me at the time. :D

    It's not rocket science, but if you have already decided that all women are evil and you'll always get rejected and treated badly, it will become pretty difficult. Would you date a crazy feminazi who thinks you're a piece of shit who will rape her because you're a man? Most of the men wouldn't. Then why should women date someone who thinks they are crazy evil bitches based on their gender?
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    I can easily reject porn.
    I was never addicted to it, in fact.
    MO is my issue.

    Okay I'm out.
  4. no they didnt because they gto laid in HS while im 24 yo virgin
  5. because he is attractive
  6. ShadyPerson

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    Sure thing pal. I'll just leave it at that and let you decide for yourself wether you want to get your head out of your ass or keep wallowing in your self pity. Unfortunately from my experience that seems to be a desicion that you'll need to make for yourself. Hopefully you'll choose the right path when the time is right. Good luck with that.
  7. Camelon

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    May i ask what "incel" stands for??
  8. fredisthebes

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    okay, now you are making claims that are demonstrably wrong! 66% of unmarried men 15 to 19 have never had sex.
    It's not a terrible crippling thing to not have sex in high school - in fact, you are in the majority.

    4.4% of men are still virgins at age 30. 1.6% are still virgins at 39.
    - and before you get all MGToW about it, the figures are similar for women (in fact slightly higher for 30yos).

    So stop being such a martyr about it. There is nothing particularly unique about having difficulty getting into a relationship, or having sex - it is HARD and it takes work. Some people chance upon the right person for them early in life. Most people don't.
  9. involanry celibate
  10. cope
  11. exactly. its because most men are incels like me. its not like they get laid later in life. only a small % of men get laid.

    and they will stay that way forever lol

    i never said it is unique. most men are incels however, i went to the limits of self improvement proving that its all about LUCK
  12. fredisthebes

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    That isn't what the statistics show, plainly! 66% of men are virgins at 20, 4.4% are virgins at 30. 61.6% of men lose their virginity between the ages of 20 and 30. Most women lose their virginity between 20 and 30 too. It's completely normal!

    *gives up*
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  13. i disagree tbh. besides i dont live in america.

    kek at this
  14. fredisthebes

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    It wasn't an opinion, it was facts with supporting evidence.
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  15. i live in greece and where i live:

    1.non virgin men have had gfs since HS

    2.most non virgn men take pills to have sex cause they dont find their gfs attractive

    3.most men are virgins
  16. fredisthebes

    fredisthebes Fapstronaut

    They are all just people. There will be slight cultural differences, but high schoolers are having a damn sight less sex than they are pretending to.

    I still think you're just enjoying playing the martyr, to be honest.
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  17. i didnt say all HS have sex. but thoese who do constitute the majority of non virgin men
  18. Raging Wife

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    It's not all about sex, balancing your mind, it's about emotion touch, smells, tastes etc. You have to find the one who catches all of your senses. You can balance your chakras in many other ways, meditation, yoga, good conversation, hugs, kisses etc. It doesnt always have to be with an end goal of sex on the mind. Sex helps at least once I can't deny that. I was nearly 17 when I lost my virginity and I was pregnant by 18 so I kind if wish I waited till around 30 to start a family, having missed out on lots of opportunities that my friends all experienced.
    I wanted a relationship to work and for a man to be on my level, funny, smart, industrial, loving. I didn't give up but in the end I stopped looking and my husband found me. I'm now helping him through his P addiction and he is 5 weeks P-free today. Maybe if you stop looking for it or trying so hard to find it then it will come to you. The universe has a funny way of delivering what we need and want in life when we least expect it.
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  19. MLMVSS

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    If you have that mentality, then go ahead and wank off because you’re destined to be an utter failure with it. Lighten up and take care of yourself then things fall into place.

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