I lowered my standads and guess what happened

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  1. i dont know about your personally , i was speaking about the vid you suggested me. no offense, i dont know you or your gf. good for you if you have one.
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    No, I don't currently have one, but as I said earlier I used to have no problem whatsoever with girls when I was 14 or something like that. I was skinny and had severe acne. I wasn't good looking. I guess you can think whatever you want about the video, but I can personally testify that looks aren't a deal breaker.
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  3. ok man.
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    So can I, as a woman. I've had tons of crushes on guys who were not good looking. And not to brag or anything, but I'm pretty attractive.

    It's plain as day to anyone reading this thread that the problem is not looks. It's personality and attitude. It's the inside, not the outside. Which is actually a good thing, because hypothetically yiu can change what's on the inside. But not if you refuse to accept that anything needs to be changed.
  5. buuuuuulllshiiiiiitt
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    Cool, so again, you're just a child covering your ears and ignoring anything that doesn't fit your narrative. Seems super healthy.

    What's incredibly sad here is that if you were actually willing to listen to anyone, you could probably be really happy and much better off. People here are literally trying to help you. But you would rather be miserable so you can continue to act like a victim for attention. It's sad.
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    Luck, Luck and again luck.
    Lies, lies and again lies.
    Truth is you have time, truth is you can do it.
    Truth is that you quitted and you hate all the people that are trying, because they have the hope you lost.
    You want us to feel miserable like you. Like life sucks only for you, yeah?
    Have you ever suffer from depression to the point you would like to die? Because I did, and reading that all the life I've been through is reduced to "life is tough because I can't have sex" is making me histerically laugh. I repeat to you that I never had sex as well.
    Because of women? maybe
    Because of me? same as above
    But for you no. You're special,you're the unluckiest boy ever.
    You said that only matter the look, then you say that you're not bad-looking, it's just a matter of luck.
    You defined yourself a sub8 that I really don't know what it means. But you said you will not have sex for sure because you are. or maybe just because you want to believe that you are this subcrap you will never have sex? because you know if you will then you will be wrong. You prefer to be miserable but right than happy but wrong.
    And it's your choice I respect it. But respect also other's choices.
    We decided to fight addiction to P. We decided to believe that we deserve something better.
    You instead have quitted, you were going to the gym and getting results but no, you couldn't wait for the outcomes that were coming. No you quitted because A subcrap can't be fit? What are we talking about then? you are a self-fulfiling prophecy. You decided that world is like that and you adapted to be like this.
    Because life is hard. But let me tell you a fun story:
    -You know everything about life.
    -You know everything about the women because you talked to all of them.
    -You know everything about porn that is like real life.
    -You know everything about what women want because you've seen tons of video.
    -Still you're virgin.
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    I actually think it's a sign of how welcoming and supportive this community is, that we are still trying to help the guy when he is so obnoxious and blinkered, yet obviously quite troubled as well. As he said himself, many other forums/communities would just wield the ban hammer. Yet we are still reaching out to him with kindness.
  9. most ppl here are more miserable than me tbh ngl. just because they act like they are not doesnt mean that they ar ehappy. so mnay virgins here pretending to be dating experts or sex experts talking about how itsall about oerosnality and how sex isnt important despite being porn addcits with 0 action.

    also, im only here because im banned from looksmax.me
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    Just checked out looksmax.me - dear me, I never thought a bunch of ostensibly heterosexual guys would spend their spare time obsessing over male beauty. Women don't care about this stuff at all - have you ever read romantic literature aimed at women? Or films? Or talked to a woman that isn't attached to a poisonous intetnet sub-culture like 'incels'?
    Also some pretty horrible racism in some of the threads I clicked on.

    I, like 99% of normal guys, am no better than average looking but I have had a normal sex and romantic life and I am now happily married. I can assure you that there is nothing less attractive than a man who obsesses over minutiae of his physical appearance like a teenage girl, and who has no interest whatsoever in women yet expects them to fall head over heels for him. These are not men to aspire to be like, these are not men to be admired.
    No wonder you think men are mainly lonely lifelong virgins, if this is the company you keep!
  11. kek at this

    i love that site. too bad im banned

    you were lucky
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    I wasn't saying it's sad that we're still responding. I meant it's sad that he's not listening to any of it.

    But honestly, I kind of think the guy might just be a troll.
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    So the virgins disagreeing with you know nothing because they are virgins, but you - a virgin - have got it all figured out?

    Crossed my mind too.
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    It's obvious he is a troll. He brags about being banned from all these other forums. He quotes and dismisses everyone here. He is combative and arrogant.

    @Mandala I'm calling you out, any reply you make now will prove my point.
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    After reading OP's replies I am pretty sure that his status as an "incel" has more to do with his character than anything else. I mean for Pete's sake just reading the comments makes me feel exhausted. If this is how OP behaves in real life I'm not surprised no one wants to talk to him. I'm a guy but if I were a girl I would stay away as well.

    Also, about the "incel" part. I hate that term with a passion. There is only one chance that a man can be involuntary celibate and that is if he is disabled and/or doesn't have genitals. But usually that's not what the incels are about. They think that there is some ridiculous conspiracy where all the girls are promiscuous and have sex with other guys but intentionally ignore them or something. They think that everyone should accept them while they spew misogynistic garbage yet no one can say anything bad about them. They fail to realise that it's mostly their attitude that makes them more unattractive than any flaw in appearance ever could.

    Frankly, anyone that voluntarily associates with the incel movement, the movement that, among other things, demands sexual slavery for women and masturbates to pictures of dead girls (I'm not kidding this actually happened) deserves to be alone. Preferably forever.

    Have some mercy on sex workers please. They do not deserve to have to deal with that kind of attitude.
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    This guy was most likely a troll, but that doesn't mean his behavior didn't mimic the one of the incel forums or the lookxxxxxmaxxxxx crap forums. There are actual people like this.

    The moral is: There's people who is just not worth helping.
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    That forum truly is the cesspool of the internet and our mods are too stupid to know any better.

    That guy came, trolled over 20 people here, left and got 2 members suspended after he left.

    Apparently, that's all it takes to throw this forum into chaos- one toxic piece of sh!t who doesn't even possess the IQ to understand people beyond their face value.
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    Seriously. I'm really not happen about Bo Peep being suspended for all the stupid reasons she was reported.
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    Stop bumping a dead thread.
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