I m alone please help

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Akshay jain0001, May 8, 2019.

  1. Akshay jain0001

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    Please guys help...
    I don't want to masturbate my 20 days streak also has been broken I m very depressed and I know I've been masturbating from only 8 months once or twice in week but I m that person who take serious anything and now from this my studies has been very affected and grades or marks eventually decrease and please guys my anxiety and depression from masturbation is very high. I also doesn't watch porn while masturbating a hot girl is enough I don't have any addiction of porn not of masturbation I can control myself upto 15 days after that my urges at peak level. Before any masturbation I was a topper.whenever I sit for study my focus and concentration cannot be there so please guys just suggest me that I m overreacting things or it's just normal not because of masturbation. Please please help my parents also has been depressed because I m not studying they are also worried.
  2. GaryMayor

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    You need to visit a psychologist and discuss your problems, because probably NoFap can't cure it alone.
  3. stoneyman22

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    You gotta calm down dude, it's going to be okay. It's not the end if you reset x amount of times just try to hold your head up and press forward. Read what others write if no one wants to reply to your thread but seriously it's going to be okay we are all struggling to get over our difficulties with quitting what we've gotten ourselves used to. You are far from alone even if you may feel that way I assure you it's quite the grand illusion.
  4. g2stop

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    If you are improving that’s the only thing that matters, Make next month better than this one
  5. Ogikubo

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    Sometimes people make more progress while studying in a group. If you can find several people to make such a group you will be alone much less and you will have more fun. Then you do not have to study so much by yourself. Whenever I was alone and supposed to be studying I would always end up masturbating and grades suffered. Being stressed and being alone are a terrible combination. Even if you can study at the kitchen table while mom does her work you are better off.
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  6. scarecrow1

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    Most people would not regard this as a problem at all.

    Any agony aunt would say master bate away and don’t feel guilty.
  7. AyushT

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    You're not alone, bro. Send me a message and we can talk more.
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  8. cr7da8055

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    Hey there mate!
    My reason to start NoFap was because of the same reason. I started getting poor in academics, nothing was going as per my wishes. Since you're not addicted to porn, I guess it's easier compared to PA, but nevertheless, every battle is tough.
    You need to set your priorities. Set your career in the right path, and things will automatically fall in place. Use this forum for help, and I hope you turn out strong. Good luck!
  9. Akshay jain0001

    Akshay jain0001 Fapstronaut

    I m doing CA but my interest to studies is over I don't know why help !!
  10. Akshay jain0001

    Akshay jain0001 Fapstronaut

    You are indian just text Ur no. We will fight together

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