I [M27] have some questions a out the situation I’m facing regarding my penis.

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    Hello all, few things I would like to say beforehand. This is a long serious post,

    1) I’m not a native English speaker, so my English is not at all good. So, please ignore my grammatical mistakes and compensate wherever you can on your own.

    2) Also my sexual lingo is not so good and I’m also not good with medical terms, but I learnt from google as much I can. Plus I’ve googled to best of my abilities, but haven’t found anything related. So, trying here.

    Also, I’m very embarrassed about talking all this and feeling very worried as I think, I’ve done some sin or have developed a medical condition which will haunt me for life.

    3) Coming to my situation. I’m 27 years old, single, straight, virgin and had a girlfriend 2 years back with whom I’ve gone till second base only. So, I’ve never been inside a woman. We’ve only made out couple of times.

    4) From last one year I’ve been trying to have hands free orgasm via watching porn and I jerk off like 4 times a week and the longest I’ve gone without jerking off is 2 or 3 days at max.

    Also, I basically love lesbian porn and I’ve a boobs fetish, though I’m totally straight.

    Now In initial days, I use to watch lesbian porn movies or clips for long hours without touching my dick, like I would watch porn for 3 to 4 hours but won’t touch or jerk my cock. So I keep getting on and off erections and lots of pre-cum in those hours.

    Also, at that time I didn’t knew the thing called prostate, but now I know, that my dick use to become flaccid and my prostate get stimulated a lot and finally at the end of the movie or 3 to 4 hour porn view session I jerk my cock off which was numb by the time and I finally ejaculate. So, this whole thing keep going on for few months like 3 to 4 times a week and all this time I love having this long orgasmic sessions without touching my dick.

    All this time I’ve noticed that I’ve keep getting aroused but when I don’t touch my dick, the erections will go away and I’ve a limp or flaccid dick with my whole body start pulsating after like an hour, heavily sweating, my legs start shaking, my heart racing, even my arms shaking and I’m so bothered, but I keep my hand in denial as I don’t take them anywhere my dick.

    5) Fast forward 7 months, I’ve came to know about audio erotica like we’ve on reddit - Audio gone wild or something like that or on YouTube we’ve erotic audio. So, instead of watching porn only, I use to mix it with erotic audio and I started listening to erotic audio.

    Also, I came to know about prostate and prostate massage, felt weird about it at first, but then tried it with finger and then with a toy and liked it, but was too draining and taxing on mind and body. So, I’ve done prostate massage for like 7 times at max or maybe less, but I never ever came handsfree and all I always had was multiple dry orgasms in my session of 2 to 3 hours.

    I always tried to have HFO but never accomplished it till date apart from one wet dream may be years back.

    6 ) So from last say a month or say I’m reading on HFO, so I’ve tried many things like ~ erotic hypnosis audio, some more erotic audio, my imagination or thoughts focusing on a self created scenario in my mind and also have tried various ASMR audio from YouTube and Pornhub

    In all these things, I’ve never came handsfree but have earth shattering multiple dry orgasms and had twitching in my dick like it got so sensitive, it pulsates like hell and my PC muscle gets contracted a lot, but my dick remain flaccid all the time as I’ve never touched it till the point I can’t bear anymore after like 2 to 3 hours I finally jerk my flaccid dick off with my hand.

    7) Finally the issue I’m having, from last 2 weeks, I’ve this twitching in my penis whenever I get a little horny, like may be I’m just laying in bed doing nothing or it’s in the middle of the afternoon a random sexual thought pass by or watch some sexual thing in a movie, my penis doesn’t get hard all the time and I just feel vibration in my dick, like a tingle pass by to my groin area, like you feel like when you’ve a goosebumps and my flaccid dick in my pants or in boxers keep pulsating very fast up and down, but it’s all happening inside my dick and my asshole gets clenched automatically and I feel a little pain in my ass.

    I’m so sorry for repeating, I’m not getting a right way to put it or describe it exactly.

    It seems like instead of having erection, my dick pulsates, it doesn’t get hard, but inside it feels some muscles in my penis are flexing or throbbing, but this is all internal, but if you see from outside my penis seems like in a normal flaccid state, but inside something is pulsating, moving up and down as hell and something is throbbing and this happens at any place like sitting in chair etc.

    Moreover my asshole also gets clenched as I said above and it kinda hurts like you’d after you put something there, it’s a weird feeling.

    P. S ~ If I jerk off like a normal way with my hand, my dick does get erect and I’ve full on hard on in the morning. Also, I haven’t smoke or drink alcohol till this day.

    I’ve going to gym from last 5 years and I’m healthy, all my full body check up results are fine, I eat home cooked healthy meal, I mean, I’m healthy overall apart from this issue.

    Now, I’m very embarrassed and worried writing this and I’ve no one else to share this with, I’m an introvert and a loner and I stay at home all day and I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.

    Anyways, what’s happening with my penis, am I having or already had developed erectile dysfunction or going to have any prostate issues. I’ll be getting married in few years and wanted to have a family. Also, I belong to sexually repressed community where I can’t have any support and all this is considered taboo!

    Thank you for reading and all the advice is appreciated.
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    Your situation is very specific and I'm unsure what to tell you. There's no sure way to know how your masturbation practises might have affected you.

    But, a very straight forward piece of advice I can give you is don't masturbate in a way that's much different than having sex. When you're alone and playing with yourself the best thing you can do is keep the whole situation as close to what happens irl as possible. Both physically and mentally. Otherwise, you run the risk of reconditioning your brain to not enjoy and not be attracted to girls and real sex.
  3. You should stop watching porn. You can get PIED (Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction) by just watching it and not masturbating. To be clear, you can also get it from watching porn and masturbating to it of course.

    Avoiding masturbation would be a good idea too. Maybe start a journal here?

    I don't know about your specific issue but I'm sure it won't hurt to avoid porn and masturbation. Try and avoid lust as much as possible also, to make things easier.
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    My best advice would be to go and see a doctor. You have to exclude physical problems in your dick (which, btw doesn't have muscles inside it, so it might be a veins/circulation problem. But the only one who can give you a right answer is a doctor!)

    Anyway, can't give you advice on your masturbation practice, but it doesn't look so healthy... Binge watching porn for hours seems to me worst than just watch it for twenty minutes, jerking off.
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    If you’ve been listening to HFO audios, some of these audios are sissy hypnosis. They architect your mind by putting seeds in your subconscious. So my advise, go see a doctor, a hypnotherapist and stay away from PMO for at least 90days.

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