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    This is a refreshing
    fact that
    This is just the reason why I joined and hoped to hear stories like this. And the honesty about close relapse and what saved it for you. Makes me feel hopeful. Thanks for sharing and good job and keep up the hard work and representing a powerful cause that will help the world understand that Porn and masterbation are horrible things to be addicted to and the havoc it reaps on our whole entire being. Thanks for putting hope out there for all of us who have just begun our long journey to become ourselves again with alot of hard work and determination
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  2. Merry Christmas to you friend !! all is good so far!! I just wish we continue our streaks ,becouse i know anything can happend in bad timing...prayers are powerful thing
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    Well done!!!

    I'm catching up too :)
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    Congratulations! Great Job!
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    Congratulations on that milestone and thanks for sharing this it means a lot to me as a beginner to look forward to those benefits.

    Merry Christmas by the way.
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    Very inspiring. Something relates to me. Congratulations on your Manhood. You are a true mature guy. Great going ma.
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    That's a big coin right there.

    But then again, it's been a big year for @frogg05.
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    The pleasure is all mine! Glad I could help inspire guys like many inspired me.
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    Amen brother! happy holidays to you as well!
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    Awesome! And congratulations on passing 300 we are like Spartans now.
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    Thanks dude you all are class acts.
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    Congrats on a year, very cool. The more I hear about folks making it to a year gives me hope.
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    Amazing 1 whole year we'l done hopefully will be me next year
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  14. Congratulations on completing 1 year !! You're an inspiration bro!! Keep inspiring & keep going!!
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    Congratulations on your achievements, hope to be following your footsteps, I'm on 70 days streak, surpassing my previous goal of 30days which I am immensely proud of. My new goal is to reach 90 days and, I know I will get there but it won't be easy. I have already struggled and fought so much, there were times where I nearly relapsed and thank god I didn't otherwise I would be broken. I'm looking ahead now and already a lot of things have improved in my life, I feel much better than the person I was 70days ago.
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    Awesome story, it takes some serious willpower to make it that far,congratulations!! I hope you'll manage to live up to your true potential, you are on the right track
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    Wow... What a inspirational read & you deserve a gold medal with your efforts, good on you! great effort in achieving your goals... 1yr that's unreal...
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    [QUOTE = "frogg05, post: 1193932, member: 97923"] ¡Lágrimas de alegría! Estoy tan feliz en este momento, no puedo decirte que está tan sorprendido que siento que lo hice TODO UN AÑO desde que dije joder!

    Mi viaje no fue nada fácil de ninguna manera. He sido adicto a p ** n durante 7 años. Comencé en 2010 y busqué diversión ... Nunca había visto algo así antes y me encantó. Entonces comencé a tener problemas en mi vida personal y "eso" se convirtió en mi muleta, mi alcohol, mi droga, para recogerme cuando me siento triste. Una vez vi tanto que al día siguiente mi visión se volvió borrosa. Más tarde esa semana (en 2011) tuve lo que no sabía era un ataque de ansiedad en el trabajo, y no sabía que mi vida nunca volvería a ser la misma.

    Lentamente perdí mi sonrisa, mi personalidad y confianza en mí mismo.
    I became anxious about every frikken thing. I was always unsure of myself, I could no longer look at men AND women in the eye. Simple conversations were exhausting for me so if I wasn't at work I was home fapping to p**n. There was always this thought in the back of my mind that this was wrong but i , like many others ignored it and listened to society because i didn't want it to be true. "It" made me feel good and I didn't want to quit watching.

    Throughout the years I couldn't wait to die. I hated leaving my home, I hated seeing the looks people gave me, i hated not being in control of my emotions and facial expressions. I used to be such a popular witty and cool guy. I was now a baggy eyes acne face man who was always fatigue. One of the hardest things in life is meeting people who knew the old you and you act totally different around them now. But they didn't know i couldn't tell them the shame I felt...

    On day 1 it seems like nofap is impossible but just focus on 1 day at a time and weeks will become months. Now was i perfect in this entire year? no. But I had only 2 times slipped up 1 time I thought I was have bad urges so I M'd without porn....let me tell you it was weird and I felt worse lol. So I never touched myself again after that day. The 2nd time I slipped i was home bored and had no urges but was curious to if my stick still worked if I saw p**n. I watched half of a video and felt immediately a dopamine rush. I turned it off and took a cold shower and went to bed. THAT WAS IT
    No relapse!
    I've notice benefits like..
    Childhood memories
    Women attraction
    Physical appearance enhanced
    Full hair on my face
    Deeper voice/better singing voice (strange but true)
    No more flat-lines (thank goodness)
    No brain fog (which i had for months)
    My not giving a fuck power just kicked in a few weeks ago.
    Time (too much time)
    Loving myself again

    Now I'm not done yet but I feel closer than I ever did Dec 19, 2016. Thank you Nofap community for being awesome to one another! Everyone supports each other on here, hardly any trolls. I'll continue to update you all...And support you as well ....REMEMBER! everyone's journey is different, you just make sure you don't quit on your own. Be your own hero! Save your future by sacrificing who you are now! for who you want to become. Peace Fapstronauts[/QUOTE]
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    please give the guy a prize, that's just amazing. I am so inspiried by your story man, keep it up!!
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