I made it 30 days

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  1. What's up man.

    I can honestly say that I did not think I would make it 30 days, and even thought about relapsing this morning. For all of you who aspire to make it to 30 days, realize that this is only the beginning of a long, hard journey.

    My life has gotten much better in many ways; I love talking to people now whereas before I tried to avoid people just to get back to my precious porn. I have a lot more time on my hands which is very nice, and I don't have to worry about money all the time because I was spending so much on porn before.

    It hasn't all been great though. I think just the fact the things aren't pure bliss all the time is one of the challenges that we have to take on. I watched porn and PMO'd every free moment I had to avoid and escape life, which includes boredom! Just being bored can easily trigger you to go back.

    I've only had to hit the PANIC button once but it definitely helped, so don't be afraid to hit it in those moments when your hands start to shake and and sweat because you know your about to relapse.

    Anyways, if you guys want my full story just check out my Journal. I update it almost daily.

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    Wow that is great, that is just great and awesome to here.

    I wish I can remember 30days but I was scared it would pass, but looking back it was just the path, made me smile seeing this today .
  3. Wow. Congrats! I'm jealous.

    Heading towards 30 right now and feeling strong. I, too, and finding talking with people (and looking them in the eye) very nice and therapeutic these days.

    Remember that being bored or idle may not be the trigger itself, but more just downtime where emotions creep in. We can feel uncomfortable with those emotions and want to numb them by going to PMO. Sit in them. Feel their discomfort. And if you have to cry, do it and be happy because it means you're more alive than you were 30 days ago.

    Oh, and you know that you could have been getting all of that porn for free, right? ;P
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    This :)
  5. I was watching free porn too but it became not enough. I wanted something more, something new. So I subscribed to a premium website, then that became not enough. It doesn't help too that all these website work together so you're constantly see ads of other sites. I had 0 control when I was PMOing so if I had the money in my bank account, it used it.
  6. Yeah, sorry. I was just making a weak joke. I know that for lots of guys, this has been a very expensive addiction via sites, escorts, massages, camgirls - all that stuff. I'm fortunate that I never got into those, but I certainly understand the lure.
  7. Very fortunate indeed.