I made it to 30 days! Thanks to nofap.com

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. i love this online community we have here! :emoji_tada::emoji_tada::emoji_tada: I have made it to 30 days without any searching for or watching porn. Without the porn, I didn’t need to masturbate because I had no reference for which to masturbate to! I now understand how evil porn is and how’s it’s insane to want to watch other people have sex! I also understand porn is evil because it promotes evil like there’s genres on incest, anal, and all sorts of evil, unnatural sex!

    I’m hoping to make it now to 60 days! :emoji_flushed::emoji_thinking: Hopefully!
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    Well done! Keep on keeping on :D
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  3. Thanks! I’m so excited I made it. It’s so hard being online when single and lonely but thankfully nofap.com allows a former addict to come here rather than get lost online and end up looking for toxic media like porn!
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    You definitly have listed a categorie there which I enjoy in real life.
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    Sure, agree with you Gina and more.
    Just watched this - you might like it too -
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    until 60 days ! you know better than myself why YOU are doing this so i hope your reasons give you patience for the future !
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  7. :emoji_hugging:
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