I managed 13 days no PMO.

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  1. So I caved yesterday. I was really hungover and couldn't last any longer. I obsessively looked at P for over an hour but I think I was still drunk TBH. I'm not feeling to bad abut it now because I challenged myself to 2 weeks and I did it. Not I'm resetting to day 1 but its not going to be as severe this time, the first 2 weeks have really made me think about things. I've decided to cut out the P (which will be tough) and just limit the jacking off rather than stop all together. Hopefully our sex life gets back on track soon after the birth of our baby so that will help.
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  2. Tannhauser

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    Hey man. Glad to hear that you made it two weeks! That's a good accomplishment.

    I know that for some guys just limiting the jerking off seems to work, but for others like me MO always leads back to PMO, so I had to cut it out entirely.

    When is the baby due? Is this your first?
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  3. armor

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    Good job for your 2 week accomplishment!

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