I masturbate with my legs and I am a man

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    For many years, approximately from 10 years. maybe less. I started to masturbate with my legs, I did not know what I was doing. When I found out I kept doing it, then I got to know porn and today I'm 26 years old, I tried to stop this. But it has not been possible. I have a partner and a son. Sometimes I have had sexual problems, not much, but I do not feel like it. And I do it with my legs, I squeezed my penis and I move them, and thus I achieve in 2 minutes to come, I can do it anywhere and anytime. My partner knows it. All this. if you can help me Thank you
  2. Welcome @javipart ,

    The struggle is daily and the soul can be week. Take heart, the sin of PMO can be overcome.

    Take it one day, one hour or one minute at a time, because PMO can rewire the brain with proven complications.

    PIED - Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction which is caused by your brain demanding the "perfect" images it sees in porn. Then, in real life things are not so "perfect" and an erection is impossible.

    DE - Delayed Ejaculation. This can be caused by medication as well, but PMO can cause delayed ejaculation during real sex also. With a brain that's rewired by PMO being used to seeing perfect images to ejaculate, real life sex might not provide enough stimulation.

    Death Grip - frequent PMO rubs on the nerves in the penis. After a time, their is some nerve damage. So, gripping a bit more firmly happens. This new firmer grip rubs deeper nerves and it works for a while. Then, those nerves are damaged. With daily pmo, the nerve damage can be extensive and PMO will just continue the cycle until ejaculation is almost impossible.

    Prone Masturbation - frequently cited as the form of masturbation that causes the most nerve damage. As opposed to manual stimulation, Prone Masturbation uses the full body weight to rub on a bed or a pillow. Most PMO experts suggest never using this form of masturbation.

    If you have a problem with PMO, you are in the right place.

    PMO destroys Mind, Body and Spirit.

    Healing through Inspiration can be found at:

    Matthew 5:30 (click for link to quote)

    Never give up.

  3. friend.. the fact that you are being open about your problem is really awesome. there are so many people on nofap with unique sexual deviances such as yourself. your journey to a new life begins here. just follow nofaps basic steps to the 90 day hard mode challenge and I PROMISE you will never look back. iv gotten close but even with failing every time, im still not who I was. I am happy. I am healed. feel free to ask questions. good luck friend

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