I mean are you even addicted?

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  1. Porn withdrawal is utter mental hell. You are literally a zombie with no emotions when relapsing. The anhedonia is soul destroying. Insomnia is the worst, twitches all over body, spasms, restless legs, palpitations, unbearable anxiety, pseudodyspnea(shortness of breath), whole host of cognitive issues, stomach issues, flashes of light in vision, rhinitis, fatigue and so on. I wouldnt wish it on anyone.

    Oh and then add all the sexual dysfunctions as well, PIED, weak erections(sluggish), dick shrinks in flatline, women dont turn you on.
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    Readed every post above. It is unsettling to see how easily and how much a life can unbalance in modern society. @Fenix Rising been there, bro. I hope you're doing better now.
    Adding to the conversation, another drawback is that we haven't cocaine getting out of our bodies, neither alcohol or mushrooms, but we have our sexual organs attached all the time, and you can't evade those as easily (never did hard drugs or being addicted to substances so maybe I'm taking the word "easily" too lightly).
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