I Meet an Old Long Time Friend, Yet I Hate Talking to Them.

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    Had you met an old childhood friend after not communicating with each other after a year or more?

    Upon first meeting each other your friend starts spilling a long list of great achievements to you, like how they got their dream job, and they are working a lot of "super cool" projects with a bunch of "super cool" people. Compared to them you have not changed a bit, in some cases got worst. Because you spent the majority of your life in mediocrity, you really have nothing to tell them. You just do not want to speak, because you hate having to be compared to this demigod of a person. You either become more self-loathing or become envious of them.

    In my case, out of curiosity asked how they were doing. They started telling me how everything is great, they are close to getting their Masters and how they had a lot of great experience with the various project. The only grievance they tell is that work is a bit overbearing. I, on the other hand, are still trying to complete my Bachelor's degree after four years and spend the majority of their free time making the baby batter. They are a good person, but I just do not want to talk to them. Hearing about their success makes me want to hate myself more. There are times when I start hating them when really I should be happy for their success. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better that I drop our friendship and just stop communicating to each other ever again.

    Anyway, I would love to hear about your experience with this.
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    My Youtube is currently blocked but there is a great video by "Jay Shetty - If you feel pressure".
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