I might have a problem. Please help.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by TehPoet, Jul 31, 2020.

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    This is a big step for me but at the same time i'm wondering if i do or do not have a problem. Maybe I am overreacting. Could someone please advise?
    I dont watch porn at all. I havent watched a porn video in years. However, I have a thing for pictures of Instagram Thots. I.e clothed pictures of them in tight Jeans or a low cut top.

    This is my kryptonite and if i see one i cant help but follow and go through the pictures. If I find a hot picture in some tight jeans, i catch myself fapping.
    Its never anymore than once a day (unless its on a weekend it could be twice) and some days i dont do it at all. But part of me feels its a problem. Sometimes it will happen late at night and can last up to 2.5 hours. Causing me to sleepy shitty and feel bad the next day.

    I also have disgusting thoughts when i see these photos. Not really sex related but more so like "wow i would love to spank that ass" etc.

    Do I have a problem even though its not porn? I definitely have some sort of masterbation addiction.... and i need to admit this and own it. Even if its no more than once a day, is it still an addiction?

    Please someone help me out. Im a single guy. Is it normal? Is it bad? I lean towards this is bad and I need to get onto NoFap. Even though its not porn, its still an obsession with thots in tight clothing etc.

    Please help. (28 years old)
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    This is actually a very good question @TehPoet - so congratulations on raising it, on looking into this.

    In my experience, what you are describing are porn substitutes (p-subs). Put simply, these are images we use in much the same way we do porn. We don't call it porn, but the usage patterns and the outcomes are exactly the same.

    Again, sticking to my own experience, p-subs are really tricky business. To a certain extent, I prefer them (non-nude images, is the term I use) to overt pornography. I tell myself it's not as bad and so on. Then I find myself spending hours searching and using. Then I find myself drifting toward chat rooms and more overt imagery. Then I find myself in the swamp...again.

    If any of this resonates and you feel like you do have a problem, start coming here every day to read and to post. Start not going to you favourite image sites. In other words, do the next right thing.
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